Friday, June 4, 2010


So Linda, Karen and I survived our trip to Arlington Texas for the Great American Scrapbook Convention. We have all decided we hate the roads in Dallas since there are 12 names for each road and each one splits 3 ways at any given time. But that aside.....WE HAD A BLAST!! You can see a security guard in the background. I think he wanted to pat us down for alcohol *okie now wonders if that really is water in Linda's water bottle*.

We didn't get there until almost 11 am and not long after arriving we decided we should eat lunch. We brought our lunch to save money and ate out in the van. The weather wasn't too bad and with the doors open we got a nice breeze. We had a great view of the roller coasters at Six Flags LOL

There were tons of vendors there and I kept forgetting to take pictures due to seeing all the pretties in the booths! I did get to meet ~CinnamonSpice~ from the Cricut MB *okie still can't believe she didn't have someone take a picture*. I also got to see Joy and Tammy that Linda and I met last year in Texas on our IKEA adventure *okie thinks Bill and Ted have nothing on Linda and okie*.

Tim Holtz was at the convention and was doing demo's quite a bit of the day. I got a picture with my cell phone to post on Facebook but went back later with my real camera and got some good snapshots of him. He was really nice and wonderful about answering people's questions. I know he maybe a scrapping celebrity but he just seemed like a regular Joe, very approachable.

I do have more pictures of him on my Facebook page.

Okay now to the good stuff........MY GOODIES!!!

First off I forgot to take a picture of my $36 worth of Cat Eye Chalk Inks and Stickles...but you guys know what those look like. The booth where I purchased them had the inks for $1.50 and the Stickles for $1.50...I think. I had to run to the bathroom and left my wallet with Karen to pay. I think I ended up buying her a few pens also since she didn't want to hold up the line LOL.

I hit the Dollar Scrapbooking booth twice! I couldn't resist going back before we left. I got tons of great brads there. The first time I was there the man kept trying to give me a bigger basket or another basket. I kept telling him one basket full was my limit. Well when I went back again he ran and got a basket to give me!! I told him "you weren't suppose to remember me!" and he said "HOW COULD I FORGET YOU?" *okie wonders now if that was a compliment or not*.

The brads at the bottom of the picture came from the Eyelet Outlet booth. I didn't buy many because I think I get a better deal online. But of course I only shop clearance *okie is soooo cheap*.

I was excited about finding the BE (bare elements) purses for $2.50. I am going to use them to alter and put cards in for my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party this year. A2 cards will fit in the purse perfectly! WOOT WOOT! *okie puts her hands in the air and does the woot woot movement*. I got 6 of these and do regret not buying more! I know the price isn't like rock bottom but considering I didn't have to pay shipping and handling I think it was pretty good! I can't wait to alter one!

Another good booth was the WANT 2 SCRAP booth. They had bling for a $1 a package! After I got home I noticed they have a website and guess what.....the packages are only $1.29 on their website!! Guess I know where I will be ordering from in the future!

The middle row of pearls are Queen and Company. I had a coupon for buy 10 get 2 free, and they were only $1 a package.

Oh the cherry brads at the bottom came from Dollar Scrapbooking also.

I passed on the cardstock by the pound since it looked to be the same type that Hobby Lobby sells in open stock and I don't seem to have much luck with it in the Cricut. I did however stop at the SEI booth and get some paper, and I meant to go back but forgot. I also got a pizza box full of paper from the Little Yellow Bicycle booth. OMG! AWESOME PAPER!!

Here is the paper spread out. Most of it is Little Yellow Bicycle but a few sheets are SEI. Oh the yellow and orange cardstock is SEI, dark on one side and light on the other. Make sure ya click on the picture to see the paper close up. There is some flocked, shimmer, glitter and embossed paper in there.

I got this glitter paper from the Doodlebug Designs booth. I have seen it in the scrapbook stores for around $2 a sheet I think. I got it for 50 cents a sheet. I bought 2 of each since I do use it sparingly.

So that wraps up my adventure and goodies from the GASC 2010! I had a great time but am so glad it only happens once a year. Not sure my wallet could take another hit like that anytime soon! LOL


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time. Enjoy all your goodies.

  2. Wow Okie looks like you had fun, They should come to Denver.

  3. Ohhh so fun! Thanks for that website for the bling..I got some of that at the scrap expo in St.Charles Il last year and wished I had got more.

  4. Okie, at what booth did you get the BE Sonia purser for $2.50... they are regular $12.99 and some want to sell from 10 down to 7.99. do you remember what booth??

  5. Okie I am just in Tim Holtz envy! One day maybe I will see him in person. What great stuff you got. It sounds like you guys had a great time and I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations!!

  6. happy that okie had a good time or that security guard might have his work cut out for him! great products and good prices and few regrets make a successful trip!

  7. Some great bargain's you have there, that must have been so much fun. Now get busy.

  8. Gaby the Sonia purses were at the Dollar Scrapbooking booth.

  9. Nikki I was excited when I saw the bling booth had a website! That is a fantastic price on pearls I think!

  10. Oh such fun!!! I will be attending CHA in July and think I need to start saving all my pennies now!! Thank goodness my BD is in July and I will have that extra money to buy goodies! Cannot wait.

    Thanks for sharing all the fun!
    Jenny Kozar

  11. I am so green with envy right now. I would so love to meet Tim Holtz. And the deals you got were fabulous!

  12. WOW! What a great bargain and a great stash! Looks like you guys had a blast! I wish they had something like that near me... :( Have a great day and enjoy all those goodies! :)

  13. Looks like ya'all had a blast! Do they ever have any of these in OKC?

  14. WOW!!! You got some awesome goodies there!! Bling for $1! Can't beat that. I'm gonna check out that website!! Sounds like ya'll had a blast!!!! :)

  15. I did the Pizza Box of paper last year ... but it wasn't LYB... it was something else. I was so depressed I didn't get to go to Arlington this year :( sounds like you had a good time though!

  16. Look at all the greatness! :) I'm so sad I didn't get to make it there! :( Glad you enjoyed girl! take care!