Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm Switching Cardstocks

For years now I have sworn by Stampin Up's cardstock for my card bases and have been able to justify the price by reminding myself of the quality but now I will be switching cardstock.

Each year it seems SU raises the prices on their products and I know prices always go up but I am going to stop ordering the SU cardstock for my card bases and start using the Bazzill Smoothie cardstock. I placed an order the other day with Joann's because they had the Smoothie on sale for half price. I know it is a little thinner than the SU but I can live with it since the SU is now $8 for a pack of 24 and the Bazzill, when on sale which is often enough for me, is $3.75 for 25 sheets. I am talking the 8.5 x 11 by the way. The Smoothie cardstock comes in some great colors and you can check out the colors at BAZZILL BASICS.

I did find how to match the colors to what SU cardstock I already have by using the My Create Ink ColorMatch site. The cool thing about this site is that you can compare colors between Stampin Up, Close to My Heart, Bazzill, ProMarkers and Copic. Once I get my order I will compare the colors I got to the Stampin Up colors I have to see how well things match up and then I will also add them on the Excel sheet I talked about yesterday. 

Bazzill also has some cardstock called Card Shoppe and it is more comparabe to Stampin Up but is a bit pricier. I was able to get quite a few packages of the Peanut Cluster cardstock at Zipp for $1.50 and of course I snatched up every package I found. I even shared a few packages with Carmen and Linda. 

One of the main reasons for my switch is that I do a lot of cards with my groups at McCalls and it gets rather expensive using the Stampin Up cardstock and I have found that the Bazzill works just fine. 

I'll keep ya posted on the colors when I get my order and how well it compares to the Stampin Up.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Goodwill Find Caused Me To Organize

I ran into Goodwill the other day just to pass some time since I haven't been finding much of anything in the store as of the last few months and I walked to the back where they bring out the new racks that will be stocked by the workers and found a stack of paper in packages.

Of course when a crafter finds a stack of paper in packages we have to look and see what it is and when I saw, well I quickly put the whole stack in my buggy! Especially since they were marked 99 cents and with my discount card that would put the cost at 90 cents. I went through and checked all the packages and there was one that was open and only had a few sheets in it so it when back on the rack but the others went back in my buggy. 

Did I mention that the paper packs were Stampin Up? Yes you heard me right...Stampin Up! I ended up with the following lines -

Attic Boutique (2)
Beau Chateau
Berry Blossoms
Delicate Dots
Festive Finery
Holiday Thyme 
Letters to Santa
Nursery Nest
Parisian Summer
Pocketful of Posies
Woodland Park
Simply Scrappin Kit - Just Delightful
Simply Scrappin Kit - Island Blossoms

I was beyond thrilled with my find, because ya know I don't have enough paper *okie does a huge eye roll*, but I knew it was going to cause me some problems because the holders I have my Stampin Up papers in were full and I would have to reg-organize to get the new paper in the appropriate order. Luckily my friend Carmen and I have been on TV date nights watching Game of Thrones and I was able to sit and work on the paper organization while watching TV with her. Since she is in Houston and I am in Oklahoma our TV date nights are on the phone. I have been trying to get her to watch Game of Thrones for a few years now and she wouldn't do it but once she did she hasn't been able to stop watching. I have seen all the episodes at least twice so it is nice to be able to explain things to her during the show as they happen. side tracked!

I got out my label maker and went to the closet and got some more paper dividers, which I am out of now and will have to find something else to divide collections in the future, and went to work. I like to keep some of my paper collections by alphabetical order. I will make a bit of confession here and tell you that I had a couple of collections in there that didn't have dividers so it had been awhile since I had worked on keeping my Stampin Up papers organized. I did know I had them, just didn't have them organized with dividers. 

Since each collection matches up with Stampin Up cardstock I thought it would be nice to know what colors match and instead of having to do a search each time I wrote them on post it notes and put them on the dividers so I have quick access. After doing a search and finding SCSDSP Color Chart it was easy to get the colors for the collections.  I don't normally buy the SU designer paper unless it is on clearance *okie figures everyone knows okie doesn't like paying full price* and luckily for me all the papers I had were in the list since it hasn't been updated since 2014. The asterisk next to the cardstock name means it is still available. 

While I was at it I made an Excel spreadsheet inventory of the Stampin Up Designer Paper I have, don't ask me why I did that because I have no idea other than I like making inventories of some of my crafting items. But I do plan on going in and marking which cardstocks I do own *okie honestly believes this need to organize is a curse at times*. Honestly though, it will make it easier to just open up the Excel file and quickly see if I have what matches instead of having to rummage through my papers. By rummage I mean pull out the folder with paper which is organized by color and check the name on the tab.

I really need to work on my 12x12 cardstock organization since I found some more things to use as paper holders at Goodwill last month (which I will post about when I use them) and if anyone would like to come help me do that I will allow you pool time and all the cold beer you can drink!! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Men Of The World

Dear Men Of The World,

I think you somehow got mixed up when getting in line for the maturity gene. I, on the other hand, have reached the life marker of 50 years and have matured since who and what I was in early adulthood. Since I have never been married and raised my daughter alone I had to become independent. My independence affords me the following...
  • dinner in a restaurant alone without feeling uncomfortable
  • seeing a movie in a theater all by myself
  • call for my own car repairs, use to do a lot of my own repairs
  • deal with used car salesmen and buy a car
  • take care of my yard
  • organize my garage
  • do minor plumbing repairs
  • own power tools and know how to use them
  • change fuses and sockets without getting electrocuted
  • make my own money
  • pay my own bills
  • and many, many more things 
but mostly I have learned to enjoy my own company and can make it through life without needing a man to feel I am worthy as a woman. 

If I chose to have you in my life it is because I enjoy your companionship. The definition of companionship in my life is simply, to quote Merriam and Webster "the good feeling that comes from being with someone else". Let me dumb it down for ya a bit, *clears throat* I mean explain it more clearly so there is no misunderstanding - "being with" is spending time with and having conversation on a regular basis. So yes, actually doing activities, attending events and talking to one another. One more explanation, talking requires face to face conversation with words coming out of the mouth. It is not words on the screen of a phone. 

Please take a note, I'll wait while you get a pen and paper...
My amour-propre doesn't rise or fall with what you say or think about me. Instead it is based on belief in myself. There is nothing you can say to or about me that is going to make me want to suddenly have your penis slide into my vagina. So unless we are companions do not approach me with any suggestions of sex, and even then don't ask but instead let things happen as time goes on. I can and have done without sex and have learned that while it is wonderful with someone I love I don't need sex to have a happy life.

In other words, go grab a magazine, some Vaseline and get it on with yourself because this woman right here is NOT going to be your
  • fuck buddy
  • booty call
  • one night stand
  • Netflix and chill chick
  • hit it and get it
  • friend with benefits
  • whore
or any other euphemism you might want to use for the situation of having sexual intercourse without being a companion in life. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

4th of July Banner - File Available

I am going off to Branson for a few days to teach my cousin and her friend how to make cards. My sister and my Aunt Betty will be making the trip with me and I am sure we will have a great time on the 5 hour drive as my family always has a fabulous time when we are together. Before I get going and will likely be out of pocket for a few days I wanted to get this project posted. Last month I had posted A Little Laminating Tip now I am going to show you what I was working on when I found out how to do a little fix when laminating. 

It was really hard to get a good picture of the banner at full length since the finished project is probably around 9 feet long. It might look better if you click the picture and make it bigger. I had planned on making this last year for Andrea but a few things got in the way of me getting it done. 

I used cardstock for the pennants and for the letters I used silver colored vinyl. I wasn't sure my laminator could take 4 layers of cardstock and it's probably a good thing I didn't since I did have some problems with the laminating sheets sticking together due to the thickness. I used 5mil laminating sheets and maybe if I had used a thinner sheet it might have worked without having to get out the heat gun.

In order to break up the wording I cut some star and put them between the words. I think they worked out well and I did think of several different things to try but the stars just seemed to work the best. The stars laminated easily since they are only one layer. 

I think in this picture you can see the stitching I did on the pennant and that was done with a white gel pen. I'm not sure how well you can see the way I joined the pennants but it was rather simple. I used my Crop-O-Dile to punch holes and then used some Maya Road cord for tying them together. 

If you would like to make a banner you can download the file below:

MTC Download - 4th of July Banner
SVG Download - 4th of July Banner

Sunday, June 19, 2016

It Comes In Handy! Layout File Available

As many of you know I go through spurts of designing layouts and then I don't get around to using them until much later and the other night it sure came in handy! My Goddaughter Amber had asked if I would help her decorate two 4x6 pages for some kind of birthday scrapbook for one of Chi-O sister's birthday that she and the other girls would be doing and I told her I would help her. Of course in my mind I was wondering what kind of decorations could be used for a 4x6 scrapbook! I had forgotten about the project until Amber came by the night before she needed it, which she is famous for doing, and asked me about it. After she showed me some examples I told her that the pages were 12x12 and the pictures were 4x6 and her reply was "oh I didn't know, but whatever, it doesn't matter". *okie sighs in exasperation* Those who don't scrapbook just don't get it do they?! 

Luckily I remembered the  Party Owl Night Long layout that I had designed back in 2013 that had an owl on it and talked about party so I quickly opened it up in Make The Cut and showed Amber and she said it would work just fine. 

I was going to cut all the pieces and leave them for her to put it together but Amber gets distracted easily and isn't always the best on realizing how much time this stuff takes so I did go ahead and put it together for her and all she had to do was pick it up. Besides, the girl works two jobs right now and time is precious. I will give her props for helping me pick out the paper for the layout.

For the stars I just used a punch because it would be faster. After I looked at the picture I remembered she wanted both of them going portrait but OH WELL TOO LATE NOW and she never mentioned about it being turned wrong. The patterned papers are from Graphic 45 Mother Goose collection and the title is done in some Bazill Bling cardstock. 

Since some may not know *and okie wonders why just the regular joe would know* the owl is the mascot of the Chi-Omega sorority and that is the reason I thought this would work for her purposes. 

I added the ribbon along the bottom as an after thought because it just looked too dang plain without it for my taste and Amber wasn't here to tell me not to use it *okie cracks up laughing*. The yellow and red of the owl are also with Bazill bling cardstock. 

Amber was pleased with the layout but she is really easy to please. 

I am so glad I do a lot of designing of files because I never know when they are gonna come in handy!

Download links (you will need to adjust for your own purposes).

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Double Whammy Celebration!

Today I am having a little double whammy celebration here at the house with a few people and I got lots to do!

Thursday will be Andrea's birthday and I usually try to take her to lunch or something but I will be out of town. For those that don't know I never really consider Andrea a friend but instead she is my sister, she is also the mother to my 3 Goddaughters. Years ago when we had more friends live close to us I would have a get together with the girlfriends and it was a lot of fun but as years pass and people move away the annual celebration just fizzled out. Now our daughters are grown and we can enjoy celebrating with them and this will be the first time our two families have celebrated her birthday and I am more than a little excited. 

Sadly her daughter Eboni isn't able to make it down from Broken Arrow and Amber has to work but I think she will be able to make it later this evening when she gets off. Her daughter Ashley, her husband Daryl and their son Carter will make it over along with Andrea and her husband Glen. Yes I have a God Grandson and I a totally in love with that little boy! I even paid for him to go to swim lessons because I knew I was going to have the pool this year and I wanted him to be able to not be afraid of the water and from all reports he is doing fantastic and loves the water. Today will be his first day in my pool and I am as giddy as a school girl to have him in the pool with me as I am a person who loves the water. And of course my daughter and son-in-law will be here.

I need to wash some baker potatoes and I have NY strip steak in the fridge ready to set out so they can achieve room temperature before putting them on the grill. We will also be having grilled veggies, which include Squash, Zucchini, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, orange pepper, red pepper, bell pepper and mushroom. I totally forgot to get a red onion to put in it! I have it marinating in Zesty Italian dressing with some minced garlic and lemon juice. I got a few Lock N Lock bowls a couple of years back and those things are awesome for marinating such things because I can just flip the bowls every so often to make sure everything gets coated well. 

Anyway back to my day and the second part of the celebration is the Grand Opening of my pool! So far only my daughter and I have swam in it and that was to help get the salt dissolved after we put in 260 pounds of that stuff. 

I still need to get the back yard mowed around the pool. Hopefully it is dry enough now. We've had hot weather but with super high humidity and that just doesn't work well with drying out the grass much. I also need to put down some stepping stones for a temporary walk way from the deck to the pool to help keep down on the dirt in the pool and also help people avoid slipping in any possible mud that might accumulate. 

My salt water chlorinator came in on Thursday and I was able to get it hooked up and running. I did a lot of research on sizes and such before ordering and found that the Intex 120 Krystal Clear Saltwater System would work for the size of my pool and ordered it from Walmart because it was a little cheaper than the one I saw on Amazon. Or at least I thought it was, it was actually a few bucks more because of the tax that was added through Walmart. 

It was easy to set up and the hose connects and hoses worked perfectly so I didn't need to do any adjustments. It has ran two cycles since I hooked it up and I do feel better knowing it got to run two cycles before people will be swimming in it today.

Last night I decided to go ahead and order my sand filter because my cartridge pump is leaking at the top where the cartridge is located and I'll have my son-in-law take a look at it today when he comes over. I knew I would be ordering one but was going to wait but with not wanting to mess with having to fix the leak all the time I bit the bullet and ordered. From everything I read it will be a lot easier and keep the pool cleaner than the cartridge system so I don't think I will regret the purchase. The picture is the one that I ordered and it is the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and has a 3000 GPH flow and will work perfectly with the salt water chlorinator.  

As much as I would love to keep typing and talking to you lovies I got chit to do and time is a wastin!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't really had much time in the past few days to sit down and write a post but didn't want anyone to think that I was going on hiatus again so thought I would give a brief review of what I've been doing.

My groups just finished up their last birthday card yesterday and they were thrilled with each one. They made two last week and two this week. Getting the card kits together always takes quite a bit of time and this time I also made an extra 12 of each because I am going to Branson next week to teach my cousin and some of her friends how to make cards. Wish me luck on that one because I have little patience with such matters because people want to ask questions and I just want them to do what I say HA HA HA. I will try to get the card posts ready in the next day or two so I can share those with you. One of them as really cool file that you will be able to download.

Another thing that has kept me busy is getting my new pool up. Last summer was the first time in about 13 years I didn't have a pool and I thought I was going to die! DIE I TELL YOU! I will give more details on the pool later and also share how my daughter and I installed a wide mouth skimmer that required cutting a hole in the brand new pool *EEEKKKK*. 

I have a great Saturday planned with my friend Andrea and hopefully at least two, would prefer all three, of my Goddaughters and my own daughter and her husband. Andrea's birthday is next week so I am going to fire up the grill have libations ready and we can swim and float around in the pool. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Established Sign Vinyl Project - File Available

Some of y'all probably remember the 3 Funerals and A Wedding post back in October when my daughter gave me 4 days notice that she was getting married and my friend Carmen just happened to be visiting from Houston and with some quick thinking and fast decorating we were able to pull off a wedding and reception right here at my house. If you don't know the story you can check it out in the link above.

Now that your memory has been refreshed I'll share the "established" floating picture that I made for my daughter and son-in law. I have to say I really like the whole "floating frame" thing since you don't have to worry too much about making a backing to match what decor people might have because it just shows the wall behind it so ya know it's gonna match!

I am always on the look out for frames when I go to Goodwill for projects such as this and I can usually find them for a buck or two, at least I could before the new manager came into play and started pricing things so high. Anyway I did get this one at Goodwill and I think I got it for $1.99, not a bad price! I think the size on it is about 20" x 14.5". Since I don't have a hobby store close I had to get creative with the mat on the frame and I wasn't sure what to do until I remembered I had some Cricut Foil Vinyl!

I used some cardboard and measured out the pieces and then miter cut them using a quilting ruler as my guide and then just covered the cardboard with the foil vinyl. I really liked the look of the "metal mat" and it gives the picture, sign or whatever you want to call it a nice classy look. I do still need to get a large sheet of acetate or have another piece of glass cut to put over the top before they can have it to hang on their wall. 

If you would like to cut this design and add your own initial, name and edit the year, you can download the file below:

Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Fix Your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Single Serve

My daughter asked for a Kuerig for Christmas and since that is all she asked for I got her one and she loves it. I myself have been wanting one for quite some time but couldn't justify the cost for myself *okie thinks that it is odd how we can spend money on others but not ourselves* but I did find a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Singe Serve at Walmart for half the price of a Kuerig and I thought I was worth at least half of what my daughter is worth *okie cracks up laughing*

I have had different coffee pots over the years, usually a Mr. Coffee in most cases, so this whole single serve was quite appealing to me because I didn't have to make a whole pot of coffee and if I decided I wanted another cup of coffee all I have to do is pop another pod in, add the water and push the button and let's face's almost impossible to make just one cup of coffee in a large pot. There were a few other reasons I chose this machine, one being I really liked the looks of it and how it was compact. If you want you can remove the little shelf and use a travel mug. Another great option is that you don't have to use pods, it has a built in filter basket where you can use loose coffee. One more plus is that you can make coffee in several different cup sizes. I usually go with the 10 oz because the bottled water I have is 20 ounces and I know to just use half the bottle. *CONFESSION* I keep bottled water for the kids because they always come in and take it with them when they leave. I use the same bottles over and over and just refill from my fridge since I have filtered water. 

I did read the reviews and most of them were good, there were a few talking about how after awhile the water would no longer go through but I decided to take a chance on it anyway. Just a few days ago my machine got to where the water wouldn't brew all the way through and I thought "well dammmnnnn" but me being me I decided to take a looksy and see if I could find out the problem.

The first thing I did was take off this rubber gasket around the piercing needle and clean it. There didn't seem to be anything on it or anything to clean really but I wiped it off just the same. While doing this I noticed a hole in the piercing needle and I wondered to myself if that is actually where the water goes through.

I went to my craftroom and found a paperclip and poked it through the hole *okie wonders if she should mention she did unplug the coffee maker before starting her out of curiosity let's try and repair the coffee maker job* and sure enough there were coffee grounds that came out! I twirled the paperclip a little bit to make sure I was getting it all out and truthfully there wasn't even much but I guess enough to keep it from brewing right.

After getting the piercing needle all cleaned out I put the rubber gasket back on, plugged it back in, added the water and turned it on. It started making the noise it usually does as it heats up the water and instead of sputtering I saw a nice thick stream of hot water pouring out! GO ME!!! Now if the problem happens again I know it is a quick fix and I won't be thinking I have to run out and replace my coffee maker. I did go ahead and do the vinegar cleaning while I was at it and there was some build up in the little filter basket. Our city water is very hard and there is always lime and calcium spots on things. After drinking this water for years I should have bones like steel with all the calcium I have consumed!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thinking of You Cards - 4 of 4

For the last card I wanted something a bit more subdued or masculine and I think I was able to achieve both with the choice of colors and design. I wanted subdued so it could be used for a sympathy card if needed or masculine so it would be more gender specific for a male receiver. 

Supplies Used:

K&Co. Paper
Stampin Up Ticket Punch (retired)

The males in the groups really liked the design and said they would like it if they received the card and all the group members thought the color choices were good if they wanted to use it as a Sympathy card and sadly they have had 3 deaths of fellow residents in the last month or and were able to use the cards. The wonderful thing about the ICF/IID population is that the handle the death of others so well because as they always tell me "they are in a better place". 

It doesn't seem like we made these cards that long ago but it was back in April when they did the cards and here it is June and they are doing birthday cards already! We got 2 made last week and they will make 2 more next week and I'll post those when they get them all done. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thinking of You Cards - 3 fof 4

Since it seems the group members think I take requests these days for their card kits this card got a butterfly. One of the ladies likes butterflies and thought we needed to do a card with a butterfly *okie really thinks she needs to tell them to shut up and take what they get*

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Butterfly Basics stamp set

I found the Sizzix dies at Zipp Outlet and I think I paid 3 or 4 bucks for them, I know it wasn't much. I was just diggin through a box and POOF there they were. Sadly it was the only set I found but I did feel lucky to find them.

They had a lot of fun with this card because there was quite a bit of stamping. Some of the folks are brave enough to just take the stamp and do their own but others want me to line it up for them. Usually for the sentiments I do line them up. The fern leaves at the bottom was an area where they were able to just ink and stamp without worrying about lining things up. I generally try and make a few spare pieces, such as the white mat on this card, just in case someone messes up and we need to have the do another.

I had a hard time to get a few of them to stamp the sentiment on top of the flower image because they were afraid it was going to mess it up but once they did it they really liked it. This particular card is one I made and I did use some Liquid Pearls on the butterfly down the "spine" and I didn't do that for the cards in group because there wouldn't be time for them to dry before the end of group.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thinking Of You Cards - 2 of 4

For the second card my groups did one of the members had asked for something with a flower and said "that way we can use it for a birthday card if we want" and I thought that was a good idea.

Supplies Used:

Stampin Up patterned paper (retired)
Stampin Up Fun Flower Punch (retired)
3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon

I will be honest and tell y'all I got the idea for the layout of the cards through searches on Google as I was just not feeling creative when I was making the kits. The group members were thrilled, like they always are with each card. I would actually like to make a few more of these in the future because they were easy ad I liked the end product, of course for my own liking I would need to do some inking on them.

I had the holes poked for the brad but it was difficult for a few of them to put the brad in to put the flowers together so I had to do most of them. Also one of them didn't like doing it because they were afraid they were going to get hurt "because it's sharp". 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thinking of You Cards - 1 of 4

One of the ladies in one of my groups at the ICF/IID asked if we could make get well cards and after we discussed it we decided "thinking of you" would be better since they could be used for a variety of occasions. The two groups that I do out there did 4 different thinking of you cards which was a total of 48 card kits I did for the groups and then I made a few of each because I needed a sample card for them to look at and I couldn't do just one because that would be an odd number...I can't do odd numbers.

This is the first of the thinking of you cards they did.

Supplies Used:

Stampin Up Bird Punch (retired)
Graphic 45 papers

I always have all the elements cut out for the groups since I have limited time and there are 6 people to a group but each person put their card together and they also did their stamping. I did have them stamp the "thinking of you" on the card first so they would have a better idea of where to put their circle.

I tore the bottom of the front of the card off and inked it a bit and the stripe paper is taped to the inside base of the card.

I always gripe about how much work it is to do the card kits but to see the looks on their faces and the comments they make about completing a card always makes it worth the effort. Yesterday we started the birthday cards they make every summer and they get to make 4 of those as well and I'll post them when they get done. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Need To Blog More...But Keep Offering Free Files??

I use to make almost daily posts for a few years because I always had something to post and now days I don't craft as often so I always feel I don't need to post anything but I have noticed I usually get more comments on my commentary posts than I do my crafting posts. It is discouraging at times but then I realize I get a lot of comments on Facebook when my links post to my Facebook page and to the Old Cricut community group. There are a few other groups I will post the link to my crafting posts and I get likes and comments on those as well. I was touched by the comments and emails I received from some of my readers after I first posted a few days ago after not writing for a few months.

I wonder why people always have something to say about my commentary since I usually find it as drivel that goes through my head and I realize that typing out that drivel can be therapeutic. I looked back at some of my stats and I was a little shocked to see where my readers come from! I have readers in of course the US but also Canada, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Ukraine, France, China, Brazil, Ireland and a few more that I can't remember off hand or recognize on the map that was in my stats. I guess I forget how vast the world wide web is and don't think about people out other countries really being interested in what is on this blog.

Here are some fun stats..

Post with the highest number of views - For The Love of Minions
Second highest number of views - Cuttlebug A2 Folder Storage

Highest referring URL - Google
Second highest referring URL - Obsessed With Scrapbooking

Highest referring site - Google
Second highest referring site - Networked Blogs

Highest Keyword Search - okieladybug
Second highest Keyword Search - okieladybug blog

Highest Viewed Page - Make The Cut/SVG Files
Second Highest Views Page - Card Cut Files

I guess what this means is that I will keep on bloggin after all and hopefully even if I don't have crafty posts I will at least post something even if it is the silly thoughts that come out of my head. After being at this thing for a little over 8 years *okie gasps a little realizing it's been that long* I guess there is no reason to stop now!

I know I need to blog more and not go so long in between posts and recently I thought about not making my files for projects I make available for download because I get very few comments of even "thank you" and I thought about different ways I could allow someone to download so they have to at least acknowledge the fact they are using a file but all the ways I could think of require extra work and let's face it...I'm lazy. With that said for now I will continue posting links where files can be downloaded and learn to live with the discouragement.