Friday, May 15, 2015

The Chit I See on Facebook!

I'm going to tell y'all something that some of ya know and others may not...there are some true crazy arse people in the crafting world! I will give you some examples of the chit I see on Facebook.

1. THEY STOLE MY IDEA AND I'M GOING TO SUE! - No honey there are very, and I emphasize very, rarely any original ideas anymore. We might thing we thought about it but somewhere out there if you dig deep enough you can always find that someone else was doing it long before you even thought about it. And unless you are Disney, a University or some other big company with a copyrighted logo ya probably don't stand a chance in hell in winning a law suit.

2. I ONLY SUPPORT (insert a cutting machine here) AND YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT ANY OTHER PRODUCT - some groups go as far as kicking out members who dare bring up another company in their group, which is their right but my good gawd get the corn cob out your butt and realize there are different strokes for different folks and if you expand your mind a little ya just might learn something.

3. I AM AN EXPERT ON (insert cutting machine, craft, etc) AND YOU SHOULD DO WHAT I DO AS THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO DO IT - Bullchit! I call bullchit! The old saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat" and I don't know who came up with that saying and since I don't find that very nice I will say I do know there is more than one way to do most anything. My friend Carmen and I argue about this all the time as she wants me to try it her way and I don't want to because I like doing whatever it is my own way...we agree to disagree, of course after bitching at each other for 30 minutes.

4. YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW BY MAKING THAT PROJECT BECAUSE IT HAS A COPYRIGHT - So many people are screaming at others about how they are using copyrighted images and even go as far as threatening others with turning them in. SERIOUSLY? Personally I think those people are the ones who are jealous and can't figure out how to make a copy of an image. And yeah, I can and do use copyrighted images at times. If Disney wants to come and take away my vinyl because I put Minnie Mouse on a tumbler for a friend then let them come on.

Okay I could really go on and on about the silly chit I see and I have almost given myself headaches at times with the eye rolls that go on. I think some people truly forget that all this area of crafting is a hobby for many of us and while we take our hobby seriously we don't want to be told we are going to hell, the police are coming after us or we will be banished from the crafting world just because we want to use different products, try new things and make new friends.

Maybe y'all just  need to ignore me right now since all the rain we have been having has made my brain soggy and is working on putting me in an extremely irritable mood.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Using Make The Cut with the Cricut Explore

I have said it many times and I will say it again...I FREAKIN LOVE MAKE THE CUT!! If ya didn't hear me I can yell it a little louder *okie cups her hand behind her ear and hears someone in the back say they didn't hear her*. Okay this is for you in the back I FREAKIN LOVE MAKE THE CUT!!!

Now with that said and out of the way I shall continue. I believe we all know how much I have enjoyed reviewing the Cricut Explore and how well I think this machine cuts but I absolutely abhor the software and how it has to be connected to the internet to use. BUT, with the magic abilities of Make The Cut I can make my design safely without an internet connection, export as an SVG file and then upload into Cricut Design Space for cutting. This takes out a lot of worry about if I'm going to lose connection or if their server is going to have problems and crap out on me for whatever reason while I am designing. I also don't like the glitchy movement I get a lot of the time with the CDS program. I like nice smooth movement when I'm designing, I can tolerate it during cutting since that is all I am using the program to do. 

I apologize for the poor picture quality and I hope it is clear enough to get my point across. I got a new computer a few months ago and it runs Windows 8 *which okie hates* and I'm still not use to all the new crap...half the time I can't even find what I need on this damn thing. 

First off I get my design all on one mat in MTC. I always add a 12x12 base layer to my design I am going to import into CDS and I will explain that in a later step. 

  • Make sure all the layers are unlocked and visible. There is a little "eye" and "lock" icon in the bottom right hand corner where you can hide/unhide and lock/unlock all layers at once or you can do each independently next to the small mat preview seen on the right hand column on the screen. 
  • Select all your layers by either clicking "edit" and then "select all" or drawing a box around all the images with your mouse.
  • Export your design by clicking file, export, Sel to SVG file
  • Name and save your file
  • Open Cricut Design Space
  • Click on Upload Image
  • Click Upload Vector
  • Find your file
  • Click Open
  • Make sure correct file is checked
  • Click on Insert Image
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Resize image to 12x12 to maintain original design ratio
I hope I explained that well enough, I'm not so good at explaining things to others and most of the time it's just easier for me to do things and then send it to them than trying to explain how to do it. I really wanted people to see how easy it is to use the most awesome program in the world, Make The Cut, with the superior cutting machine, the Cricut Explore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Oh My! It's Been Awhile...

I guess when you get out of the swing of a routine it is hard to get back in it and that is what had happened with me blogging. First off let me say thank you to all those who have inquired if I am okay. I am fine and dandy but haven't been doing much crafting in the last few months. I have done some things here and there but nothing fabulous, outstanding or new. I do have some stories to tell, even though they might be out of date by now I will try to get around to posting those, such as my trip to Houston back in March. I will be taking another one in June since I love driving my new car and the miracle of audio books keep me from dreading such drives.

Sometimes I forget that there are some folks who just like to read what I type up and post, which is still beyond me most of the time, and I figure I won't post anything if I don't have anything crafty going on. I will try to keep up more...*okie makes the Girl Scout oath gesture* I promise.

So with that I leave you for today and I will be making a post tomorrow about how I used Make The Cut with the Cricut Explore because I am starting to get a lot of inquiries about the ability to do such a thing due to the huge amount of frustration that people are having with the software that you are suppose to use with the Cricut Explore. I still honestly believe the Explore is a superior cutting machine and I want people to love the machine as much as I do, even if they hate the I do.

Okay I'm off for now to type up a post on the whole subject!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's Talk Binding For A Moment

If you are a regular reader of the drivel I post or a friend of mine on Facebook then you know how much I love to make Mini Albums. There is just a bit of a thrill for me to have a whole little book decorated with luscious papers, flowers, pearls, secret pockets, and well to be honest the embellishments are endless that can be used. Over the years I think I have only made one of a mini album maybe twice since I have the sickness that tells my brain I need to make more than one of most any item I make, except for scrapbook layouts and those I can feel okay with making only one. 

When I first started with the mini-albums I had a Bind It All and loved it but I was bequeathed a Cinch when a dear friend got the new Cinch and didn't have room for her old one. I was quite scared of the Cinch when it first arrived and just knew I was going to mess things up or break it. A few years later and it is still all in one piece and I can use that thing like a champ. Okay, okay, I'll be truthful and let you know I have to look up the settings if I am doing anything but a 6" album, but hey I can't be expected to remember every little bit of crafty information can? Anyway there is a lot less adjusting when using the Cinch so that means a lot less chance of screwing things up *okie cringes remembering the time she didn't slide a page in all the way and had to recover it*.

At one time Tuesday Morning had a ton of Zutter products in and I was able to pick up various sizes of the Owires that are used with either of the binding machines I had. Once I really started making quite a few mini albums I realized that due to the thickness of the chipboard and embellishments, I used the 1 1/4" wires the most and I have been lucky that a few people have sent me some wires but I always seem to run low. Last year I did find a site where I could get wires fairly cheap but I had to buy a box of 100 and while I do like to have a nice size stash of supplies I wasn't sure if I wanted 100, especially of one color. A few nights ago I was thinking about all the little mini albums I have to alter and remembered about the Owires and started looking for the website, I didn't have the bookmark on my new computer, and came across something even better!

So at the Binding Depot site I found they had a lot of binding supplies, well DUH huh! Anyway I got to their page of the 2:1 wires and was thrilled that they had boxes of 25 in various sizes, including my beloved 1 1/4" size! They have several colors to choose from and the one color they didn't have that I wish they did was the antique bronze oh and brown, I also wish they had brown...I like the brown ones. I did order a box of silver and a box of black and the shipping was $4.95 and I think that might be their standard shipping. I will let you guys know how the shipping and product is once I receive them. 

Once summer hits and it is hotter than Hades and I have to stay in my nice cool air conditioned house I will be all set to whip up as many mini albums as my heart desires!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Lifetime Car Saga

Getting a new car isn't a big deal for a lot of people. I know folks who trade in every two years for a different car, which is something I totally don't get because I would think people would look forward to having the payments end but I guess to each their own. However, I do NOT fit in that category!  Even the thought of having to get a new car is something  that can put me in panic mode. Maybe it is the sentimental attachment I have to my cars, maybe it's the idea of not having payments, maybe it's the idea of having to deal with financing and slick talking salesmen...or a combination of all of it. Of course my fear of commitment probably has something to do with me staying attached to a vehicle for a long period of time, I want to make sure it is something I really, really, really want to have before I make a final decision and commit to driving it until the wheels are ready to fall off. I turned 49 in December and during my life of driving I have only owned 4 cars. Yes you read that right...4 cars in 30 years.
My first car was a '77 Camaro and I got it when I was 18 and about ready to start college. Up to that point I drove the family truck. Oh how I loved that car! I bought it used, obviously, and it had been well taken care of. Luckily my uncle was a mechanic and I learned to do a lot of the repairs myself. I changed the starter, battery cables, distributor cap, fixed the a/c, changed the head gasket cover, change out the oil sending unit, and a few other things with nothing but instructions given over a phone most of the time. A few times, luckily I had a very long phone line and could put the phone out the window and have the hood of the car up, I called my Aunt Betty and she would relay to Uncle Perk what my car was doing and the sounds it was making and he would tell me what I needed to do. I remember one time, before they had moved back to Ohio and now they live back in Oklahoma again, there was something I was doing and he evidently decided it would be too difficult for me to complete and he came down. I was standing outside next to my car *okie thinks that sounds so silly since she would be standing inside next to her car* and had just closed the hood when he pulled up. I'm quite sure I had a puzzled look on my face as I asked him what he was doing at my house and he said "I thought I better come down and do it for you". I told him I already had it done and he took a look and was quite impressed with me. I would probably still be driving that car today had I not had a surprise pregnancy!

Once I had my daughter I thought it would be more "motherly" to have something more family oriented and I choose to get something 4 door. Right before my daughter turned a year old I got an '87 Celebrity. Now mind you I went from a 305 8 cylinder engine to a 4 cylinder engine and the first time I tried to pull out in traffic I thought we were going to die!! DIE I TELL YOU! I was use to punching the gas pedal and zooming forward at warp speed but this car had me thinking I was going to have to get out and push the dang thing! Other than that I loved having the 4 doors and extra room in the car. Being able to get her in and out of her car seat was a breeze in the Celebrity. I did do some mechanic work on the Celebrity, mainly just changing the alternator, and I think the brake pads once. A friend of mine did a few repairs on it as well. When my daughter was in second grade my Celebrity was pooping out on us. She was quite distraught over the idea of having to get a new car and asked if we could keep it and "put it in the backyard and make a fountain out of it". Not sure where she got that idea but it was rather amusing. I was not looking forward to getting a new car and having a car payment. I had paid cash, that is one of the benefits of not buying new or almost new, for my other two cars but knew I didn't have the cash to get another car.

After much searching I ended up with a little '99 Chevy Metro. I am a bit of a Chevy gal and while some people swear by foreign cars I prefer to have American made. One of the reasons I chose that car was because of the gas mileage. At the time I was having to drive quite a bit seeing clients and it was very important to me that I could save money in gas. I did love the little Metro, and my daughter came to love it too. It was rather funny to see her friends packed into the little Metro when I would have to transport them somewhere and I remember a fight almost breaking out, good-natured that is,  when she was in junior high because her friend Cameron got in the front seat because he was too tall to fit in the back for even the shortest of rides. My daughter and I learned how to pack that little thing down for when we would go camping at the lake and even had a certain system of being able to fit the totes and equipment in the trunk and back seat. My Metro started giving out on me and I wasn't sure I wanted to put the money into the car for repairs or get something else. One day when complaining on Facebook about not having AC my aunt said they were wanting to get rid of their Kia Sedona and the AC worked great.

The '02 Kia Sedona was definitely an upgrade from anything I had before. I loved having power locks and windows and being able to sit up high and easily see all around. It was rather amusing that at that point in my life I had no kids at home and it was just me and little Lucy riding in the van most of the time. It sure would have came in handy when Shiane was growing up and taking her friends around but ya know that's how it goes sometimes. The Kia started leaking oil a few months ago and the AC hasn't worked the past two summers but I was able to deal with all that until the first of December. I was on my way from McCalls to the office for a staff meeting when some lady slammed into the back of my van. I truly believe she was texting and driving because of the different statements she made, which I won't bore you with. It took almost two months for her insurance company to "decide we will take liability" for the accident. I had already given them the police report and my statement but she wasn't answering her phone to talk to them and they said they had to talk to her. My next dilemma was should I use the money and go get the van fixed or use the money and get a new car...decisions, decisions.

After much contemplation I decided on getting a new car, new to me that is. I had looked at the Nissan Versa's and Sentra's when my daughter got her car at the Nissan dealership in town and I also liked the guy that sold her car to her. I hate car salesmen, think I mentioned that in the beginning of the post. Johnathan was a nice guy and I felt I could deal with him. When I started my search I found out he was no longer at the Nissan dealership but was instead at the Chevy dealership. I did go to the Nissan dealership and ended up test driving a new Versa, I had told the salesman I didn't want a brand new car and he insisted on me test driving one. I have a friend who has a Versa and he is very happy with it. At this time I had also been search the Chevy models and really liked the specs on the Cruze and I knew the Chevy dealership and several on their lot. I am a very practical person when it comes to many things in life and I am probably overly practical when it comes to cars. A car is something to get me from point A to point B with the least amount of effort, time and money. I am pretty much a no frills car kinda person but I did know I wanted power locks and windows and wanted something where the AC worked and it had to have cruise control!

Yesterday I searched out Johnathan at the Chevy dealership and while he got moved to the finance department on Monday he said since I searched him out he would make sure I got a salesman he trusted. Of course I think that was probably a line of bull but at least I knew I could be perfectly honest about things with Johnathan and he wouldn't take offense. One of the things that made me like Johnathan was that he didn't have a fake smile plastered on his face all the time, he didn't look like some kinda cartoon character grinning from ear to ear.  I had already done my research, I had my quote from Nissan ready and all that was left was for me to test drive the Cruze, which I did. The salesman, Justin, looked a little nervous a few times and probably rightly so. Anyway after bouncing things around in the finance office with Johnathan and me telling him Nissan could give me a better deal, debating car payment and down payment, I ended up walking out of there the proud owner of a Certified 2012 Chevy Cruze! My requirements of power windows, AC and cruise control were met and I got much more. It's going to take me hours of reading to figure things out on this car as it does have frills such as bluetooth, heated leather seats, remote start, power other things and so on. I am quite sure I could have my daughter in the car with me and within 30 minutes she would have it all figured out and be explaining to me. There will likely be some features I never use because I just don't know how to use them or I haven't figured out I have them! 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to even think about getting another car until I'm 60!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Friend Made Some Lollipop Holders!

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have people take pictures of the projects they make with my files and when I am able to see the pictures I ask for permission to post them on here to show them off. This time my friend Robin and her son made the LOLLIPOP HOLDERS.

Made by my friend Robin and her son.
She had posted the pictures on Facebook and there were a few of the both of them but wanting to protect anonymity I asked if I could post this particular picture but let me tell ya...her son is adorbale and he looked like he was having a great time with the project. And he did say he had a blast making them and his favorite part of the project was being able to use her machine to cut all all the pieces. 

I love love the papers they used for the project and I am sure the recipients will love the work they put into the lollipop holders.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Are My Sunshine - Completed Layout

The You are my Sunshine layout was a design I posted back in July of 2013 and it is one I did when I was playing around with the Samantha Font that everyone so loves. I really had a hard time finding pictures I wanted to use when I got ready to cut this layout this weekend. Finally I went to my daughters album that has her baby pictures in it and as soon as I saw these to pictures I knew they were perfect!

The papers are from the Basic Grey Picadilly collection and the main reason I chose it was because of the yellow and orange hues I needed fo the sun rays. I think the dark pattern paper that came in the collection was perfect for matting the photos and I generally don't use a pattern paper fo that purpose because I always feel like it is a waste of beauty to cover it up but I decided to live on the edge this time *okie feels quite proud of her ability to take such major risks in her life*. I did cheat a bit and used the stickers in the collection for the date in the bottom right hand corner.

Here is a close up of one of the butterfly's and a swash from the Samantha font collection. I cut the butterfly out of orange and red and layered it. I used some fine wire to make the antenna and then used my Tim Holtz tiny attacher and stapled them to the white shadow, this way the butterfly covered up the wire and staples. There is mounting foam between the orange and red layers to give them dimension. The body is Black Diamond Stickles. Little story there...I went to use the Stickles and the bottle was almost empty and I kept shaking it hoping to get a little out and it was actually dried up. I was about ready to freak out when I looked down and had a brand new bottle! I told my friend Carmen "yeah people think I hoard supplies but I call it being prepared!". 

I had posted the sun rays on Facebook because Carmen wanted to see what they looked like and my friend Amy said "I can never get those to line up" and I replied "Surely you don't think I did them without a cutting file" to which she posted "I should have known" *okie wonders why anyone would ever try to cut something by hand when they certainly have capable machines to do so*.  I used my white Signo UM-153 gel pen to add some stitches on the rays and the sun pieces. 

Oh the title is glittery because I ran it upside down through my Xyron and then added Doddlebug Sugar Coated glitter. To me that is a lot cheaper than buying $2 a sheet glitter paper. Plus, if you mess up you aren't out as much money *okie hates making mistakes with specialty papers*.

I had made the file available before without the title but the file now contains the title and as promised I have added the download for the SVG version as well. 
Download File Below:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all - Completed Layout

I designed this layout back in September and posted it and cut it when I was doing my first review for the Cricut Explore but I never got around to finishing it up and posting it so thought I would get that done today.

I ended up using some Thanksgiving pictures from 2012 that I hadn't scrapbooked. I find it very hard to make a layout and then find pictures to use since I tend to design around the pictures. 

The maple leaves were done with punches that I have and I always like using punches so I can use up small bits of paper I have.  As you can see I pop dotted the head and wing and then the nose on the crow because of my issue of wanting dimension. The flourish on the pumpkin is what I focused on in my review because of the intricacy and size and it really did cut well. 

Here is the other crow and I realized when I was putting the layout together that I didn't resize the images as big as I wanted them but have learned to now leave my base layer in my layout design for import because I can just resize the whole design to 12x12 and get the true sizes I am wanting in the Design Space software.

Specific instructions can be found HERE.
You can download from the links below:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lollipop Holder - From the Past

This is a file I made back in 2013 but thought I would repost it since there are so many new users of SVG files and the Valentine season is upon us which tends to make mother's of young children scamper around for cute easy party favors or gifts. I only made a few of these and think I gave them to my daughter to give to her friends. Often times I design a file and never use it because it's more about the challenge of the designing than it is the application of the design.

 As you can see in the picture there are 4 different "top" designs you can choose from. All the scoring lines, holes for tying the lollipop in the holder and cuts for decorative paper are included in the file.

You should be able to get about 8 holders out of a 12x12 sheet of cardstock if you nudge them together and then lay 2 horizontally at the bottom, making it quite cost effective if you have to whip out a great number of them for a class full of children or co-workers.

SVG USERS - select all - all designs in the file you can delete the ones you don't want later - and  make sure to resize to height at 8.5" so the proportions are correct.  

This is a picture of the ones I cut. I did use a heavy cardstock, specifically Stampin Up because I wanted them to be sturdy but probably any cardstock would work okay. This is a good way to use up some of those precious scraps as well since the pattern panel and the toppers don't take a whole lot paper to make.

I used ribbon to tie and keep the lollipop in place but twine or anything of that nature would work as well.

You can download the appropriate file below:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life is...better in flip flops - Layout

Evidently I need to go through my folder labeled "layout" because I have found some in there I have never posted! I get in designing kicks sometimes and then forget about posting the layout for download. I actually did this one over a year ago and I'm sure I was thinking of some vacation pictures when I did it. This will be perfect for some pictures of my BFF Karen and I on past vacations as she is the queen of flip flops! I actually think she moved to Florida so she can wear her flips all year round, but don't tell her I said that!

I'm sure you could change the elements if you wanted to just use the flip flops and title but since I have quite a few beach pictures I decided to use the sand, and a life preserver on this design. 

I decided to use some circle text in part of the title because I get bored with the same old straight titles on scrapbook pages. Thank goodness I can do the circle text in Make The Cut fairly easily. I just hope the dang thing cuts okay because some of the lines are a little thin.

You can download this layout design below:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Love Your Smile - layout

I've almost forgotten how much I love to design layouts! Okay usually I do but last night this one was giving me fits for some reason, it was suppose to be so simple but ended up giving me much difficulty and I blame it on creative block *okie figures she has to blame it on something*.

I know I have some pictures of my daughter when she was a baby where she was smiling really big and I want to use those for this layout. I will be embellishing the layout with some flowers, buttons or something besides just the cuts in the file as well. The colors will depend on the colors in the photos of course.

If you would like to use this layout you can download the appropriate file below:
SVG - Love Your Smile 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Precious - A Baby Girl Layout

My friend Carmen is working on some layouts and asked me last night what I had available and while I wanted to smack her upside the head because she should know by now what I have available for download I refrained *okie thinks that is only because Carmen is quite a distance out of arms reach* and went through my list of layouts on my blog with her. She did find some that she liked and downloaded although I'm not quite sure which ones. Since we were talking about some of my older layouts that are no longer available for download because they were done with Design Studio I thought I should do some more geared to baby girl ones because I still have some pictures of my daughter that I need to scrapbook.

I generally like to scrap more than one picture to a layout and I thought this design could easily be adapted for one or more pictures. I liked the idea of the simple title "precious" because that is exactly what baby girls are! I think this could easily be dressed up with some ribbon, maybe a butterfly or some tiny flowers to compliment the daisy cuts.

Maybe I can go through my daughters pictures this week and get this one done myself! But even if I don't I know Carmen will be surprised when she checks her Facebook this morning and sees this one available, especially since I actually designed it for her.

If you would like to make this layout you can download the appropriate file below:

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vegas Wand Chalk Markers - Two Thumbs Up!

After doing my little chalk art for the first time I came to the conclusion I am no artist and certainly not with chalk! I'm not even going to pretend that my chalkboard is the best and the board is some kinda of pressed board that Home Depot sells but even with that excuse I still can't blame my lack of skills on the material that was used. Although I was using Prang chalk and I'm quite sure it isn't top of the line chalk. There was some discussion on Facebook on one of my posts where the topic was chalk and a friend of mine said she got some chalk pens at Hobby Lobby that she liked and my dilemma is that I am at least 60 miles from the closest Hobby Lobby so off to Amazon I went in search of chalk markers.

As you may know anytime you search something on Amazon you get a plethora of results and sometimes it is difficult to wade through the results. I often sort by review so I can find a good product, which is what I did with the chalk markers. I decided on the Vegas Wand White Chalk Markers since they had 5 stars and the price was decent, $10.99 for the four of them and since I am a Prime member I got free two day shipping *okie so loves the two free day shipping*. I also liked the idea that they markers have dual tips, one with a point and one with a chisel tip. You do have to switch the tip manually as they are not on both ends but since there were 4 markers I wouldn't have to try and switch during use.

This is the first chalk art I did and I was using the Prang chalk I got from Staples. While it was okay I did find it was a bit difficult to use because of all the dust. I also had to "sharpen" the chalk with a nail file so I could get a half way decent point on the end and repeated that frequently. When I tried to make more solid heavier lines there was a LOT of dust and sharpening going on.

Here is my chalkboard after I used the Vegas Wand Chalk Markers. It was very easy to prepare the markers following the instructions and it works like a paint pen where you have to shake and then pump the tip a few times to get the ink flowing. The lines are nice and solid and the ink flowed nice. While I haven't tried any shading with the markers, I'm not sure how it would work out since it is more fluid. For this chalk art I used the Prang chalk for my shading.

I found it easy to remove any boo-boos with a damp paper towel. Make sure you don't use them on a porous surface.

My friend David said he thought it looked like a professional did it and I thought to myself he probably hasn't seen much chalk art. Even so, I am really happy with the markers and am thinking about maybe ordering some of the colored ones but then again I really like the simplicity of just the white.

I don't have other chalk markers to compare these to but I definitely would pay the price again for them and give them two thumbs up!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Weekend Project - Little Red Table

After I moved two month ago I decided I wanted some sort of theme for my kitchen and I thought something along the lines of French Country, actually the idea came from a the GRAPHIC 45 FRENCH COUNTRY MATCHBOX PROJECT that I did two years ago. The previous renters left a really hand island because they didn't have room for it and it was painted red and with red being my favorite color I knew that was going to be the base color for my kitchen. I have been slowly trying to figure out what else I could do with the kitchen and over the weekend completed a little wall area that I am quite pleased with.

Right after I moved I was in Home Depot and they were having Diva Day and one of the projects was a chalkboard and I thought "why the heck not" and knew exactly where I would put it in my new kitchen. Most people stained their chalkboards but I decided to paint mine. I used Behr paint and chose the color Allure. My friend Wendi was there and she was staining her chalkboard with some ebony stain. Just out of curiosity I rubbed some of her stain over the paint and loved the effect. Oh and you can see the island over on the left of the picture. I kept wondering what I could put under the chalkboard to make that little area look complete and then one afternoon after work I stopped in Goodwill and saw this little white table and knew that was perfect and the price was only $4.99! I did know it would have to be painted to match the chalkboard. Oh the dog in the picture didn't come from Goodwill, he was suppose to be my daughter's dog but I quickly became his primary caregiver and now she can't have him, but that's another story.

On Saturday I decided to get busy on the little table and I couldn't find my good paint brush and ended up using a crappy paint brush for the first coat of paint on the table. I knew I was going to have to do more than one coat and didn't think it would really matter too much for the first coat. I ended up taking pictures of the different stages because my friend Carmen wanted to see how it was coming along. After I got done with the first coat I really did wonder if it was going to turn out how I wanted and thought back about how different my chalkboard looked from the first coat to the finished project and so I kept my hopes up.

After the second coat of paint I knew it would be okay and I also knew it was going to look a lot differently after I got the stain on. It was at this point Carmen asked me about the little engraved swirls and I told her that for the theme of French Country I might paint them with gold paint. I knew I had some in the craft closet somewhere. 

I spent Sunday doing two coats of ebony stain on the table and painting the engraved areas with the gold paint. I really think it turned out nicely and I absolutely love, love, love the color!

Here is a picture of the table completed and in place under the chalkboard. It looks quite excellent in that spot and they compliment each other nicely.

If you notice the chalk art on the board please don't judge it harshly. It was my first attempt at chalkart and I used some cheap Prang chalk. I've never even attempted chalk art until I did that and I told Carmen "ya know it was really quite relaxing". I do have some Chalk pens ordered so maybe I can do some more art that will look a little nicer. I'll keep ya'll posted on that.