Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Remember Flat Stanley

In 25 days I will be heading to Orlando Florida to spend a glorious week with BFF Karen! It's been almost 2 years since I've been to see her and I can't believe it's been that long since we have seen each other, 6-9 months is usually as long as we go without a visit with each other. 

We won't be going on a cruise this year as it isn't in the budget for either of us right now. However I will be spending a week in Karen's pool. She bought a house not long ago and the mission is actually for me to get her craftroom set up. If you are a regular reader you might remember me doing this like 2 years ago in her apartment. When I last talked to her she said "I thought about going in that damn room and doing something but since you are coming I'm not touching any of that shit". The cool thing is that Karen lets me have free reign to arrange and put things away however I want and then she never moves things around because she can call me and ask "hey do you know where that brown paper is" and I answer "yeah it is on the 3rd row down and 2nd cubby over". Seriously...that so happened before!

Karen really can craft and she actually comes up with some really cute ideas. I was thinking about this and remembered when we did Flat Stanley for her nephew and thought I would share that post again since it was something we worked on together and we were both so proud of ourselves.

Without further ado I present -

Flat Stanley project.....

My BFF Karen is in for a week for my daughter's graduation and brought Flat Stanley with her. Karen's nephew is in first grade and sent Flat Stanley to her before she left California to come here. When Karen told me about the project I told her we could fix up something nice. Karen's idea was to write a letter and put some pictures in a plastic brag book type thing. Of course that just was NOT going to work for me! *okie wonders if maybe Karen had a lapse of temporary insanity with even thinking that would work at okie's house*. Especially after she said her nephew was talking about how a little girl in his class had a really nice project from her grandma!!

We sent the pictures to Walmart for development and of course I had idea's running through my head. Evidently my idea of nice and Karen's idea of nice are most assuredly not the same. I did tone things down a bit, but not by my choosing! *okie is still cringing because none of the pages are inked*.

Here are the pictures of Flat Stanley's cross country trip in his own mini-scrapbook. You can click the pictures of you would like to see more detail

The little album is 6x6, which does fit in a flat rate priority envelope in case anyone is wondering! HA HA HA

For the cover I used 50 States, Locker Talk and Everyday Paperdolls. I did manage to get in a little doodling when Karen wasn't looking. I cut the United States in red, white and blue and then cut the white into stripes and cut the corner for the blue. The starts are iron on studs.

I used a black marker to dash the flight pattern across the United States.

I wanted to to cut Massachusetts again but with silver thinking it might show up better.....Karen wouldn't let me!

Karen found a post card for the first page to represent that Stanley made it to California. She wrote the story out and then I placed the pictures in order through the book. After she got it typed up I measured what size was left for journaling and then used MS Word to get the size right.

The starfish at the corner of the journaling is a die cut I got on clearance years ago.

Karen is a travel nurse and was able to take Stanley to work with her and get a few snapshots. Everyday Paperdolls was used for the Ambulance and the stethoscope. I cut the ambulance in black and white and then cut the tires off the white. I glued a small piece of red behind the cross and then glued the white on top of the black. Brads were used for the hubcaps. The stethoscope was cut in blue and I used a silver gel pen for the end and ear pieces. I added a surfboard brad for some decoration.

So I had problems with these two pages. Karen didn't want to cover up the paper and kept telling me I couldn't use it. I figured it was my paper and I could dam well use it if I wanted too! I thought she was going to have a heart attack when she realized I cut the word flip flop in half *okie grins a bit evilly* and she felt that was like a mortal sin since she loves anything flip flop!

I used die cuts for all the embellishments on these two pages, except for the word sand, it is fuzzy sticker letters. I love how Karen had Flat Stanley in all the pictures! I don't know if I would have thought of doing it or taken the time!! *okie does have to admit that Karen is an awesome Auntie* 

I had a hard time deciding what to do for the Old Town clock and decided to use the "wish you were here" from Going Places. I did make it longer using Design Studio so it took up more room. I colored in the arrow with silver gel pen.

The fish is cut from Pagoda and I used orange Mica cardstock to give it a more glitzy look and then added a little doodling with a silver gel pen.

The sailboat is a die cut from the same package as all the beach die cutsused. I cut the waves from Everyday paper dolls. The shark is a rubon, as is the word "CHOMP!". They came in a package of Sea World rubons and worked great for that page.

Karen even had a friend of hers in California in on the project, that is the hand you see saving Flat Stanley from getting eaten from the shark. *okie certainly hopes the first graders in Massachusetts don't get nightmares from this image*

I so cracked up when I saw the picture of Flat Stanley buckled up in the car for the ride to the airport!! I would really like to say that Karen was teaching the kids safety but after being BFF's for 23 years I have to admit she was likely being a smart a**!*okie falls out of chair laughing*. I used Going Places for the suitcase and the airplane embellishments. On the suitcase I used a Stampin Up marker to color the corners, handle and around the name tag. And yes boys and girls, inside that tiny name tag it indeed says "Flat Stanley". Karen thinks I go overboard sometimes *okie blinks innocently*and I have no idea why she thinks that!

We really couldn't think of how to decorate these pages and decided the ones with the clouds were fine as they were. We came up with peanuts but I didn't have any peanut brads *okie knew she should have ordered some* so off to the internet I went searching. I found a picture of some Delta Airline peanuts and a can of Coke. I sized the images to what I needed and printed...WALAH! instant embellishments!

Stanley finally arrived in Oklahoma!! Oh yeah, and Karen made it also *okie snickers*. I found a post card at Walmart that we used for the one page. I also resized a picture of the Cheyenne Arapaho tribal flag to use. For the statue picture I just used a sticker I had left over from a layout I did years ago *okie hears the gasps when she mentions stickers*, OH GET OVER IT! You guys know you have used them before also!*okie cracks up laughin*

I printed a picture of a Sonic cup to add to the page here. The lime and cherry brads are some I recently ordered from Eyelet Outlet. Karen mentioned something about her nephew should feel special that I used some of my nice brads on him*and okie whole-heartedly agrees*. The other page didn't seem to need much embellishing. We did add a picture of my daughter since her graduation was the whole reason for Karen and Stanley's trip to Oklahoma.

Finally on the back page we added Stanley decked out with his new sunglasses and surfboard. The sunglasses are a die cut and the surfboard is from a picture Karen had left over.

So that is the little scrapbook of Flat Stanley. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse to be sure! Overall I am quite happy with the project....oh and that little girl from Karen's nephews class.......She can tell her grandma to EAT IT BECAUSE WE ROCK!! *okie composes herself*.

Hope you guys enjoyed the Flat Stanley project!! *okie smiles sweetly and waves bye-bye*

Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Have A Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all. I think almost every girl knows that line from Snow White and how the wicked step mother wanted to be the fairest and how the mirror would tell her she was, until of course Snow White came into her beauty. I, myself, have a magic mirror.

I have had the same make up mirror since my college days. I have sat in front of that mirror almost every morning since I was 20 years old either getting ready for class, work or just starting the day. I don't always put on make up since I hate the stuff and as I am getting older for some reason make up is bothering my eyes. The magic isn't in how long the make mirror has lasted, the dial on it won't turn anymore so I am stuck with only one light setting, the daylight setting. I am fine with that setting because I don't ever really remember using the other three settings and I am not a vampire and daylight is not my enemy. The magic of the mirror is how it makes me look. 

Now remember I said I got it when I was 20 and well now it is 30 years later, yes I am 50 now *okie wonders if that is some sort of record for a make up mirror and thinks it has to be* and the magic is when I use the mirror, for I still see a strong resemblance to the girl I was 30 years ago, albeit the gray hair does show in the mirror and a lovely shade of gray at that. About 5 years ago I started to think my make up mirror is rather magical and within the last year I have determined that it must in fact have some enchanted source of reflectional powers behind it because when I look in any other mirror I *okie tries to think of a word besides old* mature, yes that is it, I look mature. 

Deciding whether the make up mirror's deceiving qualities are a gift or a curse is something I am tryin to figure out. I wonder if it is a curse because it lies to me, but to think of it as a gift makes much much more sense. This mirror has been more consistent in my life than most anything else and maybe it is some sort of supernatural bond we have that allows it to project a younger face back to me. The mirror has been through God only knows how many relationships and a few engagements and the corresponding break up for every one of those events. It watched me through the pregnancy, birth and raising of my daughter. It has survived multiple moves throughout the last 30 years. It has shared my mornings of grief and my mornings of happiness. In that mirror when I do put on make up I see a bright, vibrant woman who looks only half of her true age. 

Now the problem comes when I move away from the mirror and catch my reflection in any other mirror and see what is likely truth. I see wrinkles on my face and neck, I see huge bags under my eyes, I see hugely large pores on my cheek and nose area. I see an old woman and feel confused wondering just when did that happen because not 30 minutes ago while looking into my make up mirror I saw nothing like what stares back at me. 

When I take time to look into a mirror other than my make up mirror my thoughts are always the same as I walk away. I always think "Why is my make up mirror magic and make me feel younger and more confident?". Which is generally followed with "I only wish other people could see me, see my reflection as I see it in my magical make up mirror". 

Now I must go and think on this subject more and decide if having a magic mirror is a curse or a blessing of some sort. Or maybe it is just one of those twisted cursed blessings that occur from time to time in the fabric of the cosmos. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flower Making Made Simple....NOT!

I was skimming Facebook groups over the weekend and came across a post in a stamping group that I am in, think it is called Stamping Enablers or something like that, and some lady showed some flowers she had made and I immediately fell in love. She said something about Heartfelt Creations and I went immediately and found the website and started looking around. I signed up for the newsletter and they sent me a 25 minute video that showed how you could make like 5 different flowers with the same stamp and die set. Since I have quite a few Stampin Up flower stamp and punch sets I figured all I needed was a tool kit. The video made it all look so simple to make gorgeous flowers. 

I priced the tool kit on Heartfelt Creations and since I wasn't sure I would be able to do the techniques I got on Amazon and looked for a flower making tool kit. I came across the McGill Paper Blossom Took Kit and thought I would get it since it was cheaper and like I said I wasn't sure if I would even be able to pull off such gorgeous flowers like that were done in the video I watched. I pushed the buy button and quickly got my email saying my order had been placed and when I got my shipping notice it said I would receive my package on Wednesday. Much to my delight I got a text on Tuesday saying my package had arrived, a full day early, but I was out of town at the time at my aunts house and waiting to get home reminded me of how it felt on Christmas Eve waiting for my dad to get off work so we could open presents. Oh the anticipation!!

Sadly my first attempt looked like something that had been left in the rain for a few days. I know I did a sloppy job of coloring it. I actually tried to use my Stampin Up inks and a watercolor brush but the ink ran and I used Memento but then I remembered I usually use Stazon for this purpose. I was feeling a little discouraged at this point but it was late and I knew I couldn't give up on the tools and the lady in the video said it would take some practice. Little note on me, I don't like to practice...I like to do. I like to do and I like to do well. If I can't do well then I don't want to do at all. I decided to go to bed and work on it the next day when I got home from work.

After I got home from work yesterday and fixing me a t-bone steak for supper, my doctor told me to cut down on carbs and so that is all I had for supper but that is for another post, I decided to just practice using the ball tips and punched out just a plain flower and I did use some chalk ink to color it a bit so I could fool myself into thinking it wold look like a flower. When this one didn't turn out so well I decided to go back to the video and watch again. 

I stamped off some flowers using some Rhubarb Stalk Memento Ink on some dusty rose colored paper and punched them out so I would be ready to follow along with the video. I was more pleased with the results this time and felt a little more confident that maybe I didn't waste my $12.70 on the tool kit. 

I wanted to see how well a vellum flower would do and stamped and punched some out of the vellum.  In the video the lady had used white embossing powder on her flower and it was gorgeous but I was having a bit of lackadaisy attitude after a long day at work and because it was a practice flower I went the simple route. Most likely it would have turned out better had I not changed the type of flower I was trying to make half way through. I added a bit of Glimmer Glaze in the center of the flower to color it up a bit and since it was an experimental flower I might as well go all out and really experiment. 

For my final practice flower I resolved to take my time and think of this as a flower for a project. I stamped on white paper and used my ProMarkers to color the flower. I added some Perfect Pearls on the tips of the petals and for the center I cut it out of a flower I had stamped and then even did some little technique the video lady showed on small pieces. FINALLY! Once I got done with this flower and looked at it I realized I have a new love...FLOWER MAKING! The only problem now is that I want all the flower and die sets that Heartfelt Creations sells! Okay maybe not all but I would like to have a few. My trip to Florida is coming up and I need to save money for that so I won't be ordering any of those awesome kits until I get back so until the I will have to work with what I have on hand. I know I will need more practice but I a quite certain I will eventually get the hang of this and it will become a new obsession!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post It Note Holders

So after trying to make a guide for the 3:1 pitch wires for the mini albums and seeing how much work it was going to be and thinking "Hey I have a perfectly good machine that can cut those suckers" I made a file in Make The Cut for more mini albums but also did one for Post It Note Holders.

I got 3 Post It Note holders done this weekend using Graphic 45 Fashionista and the Dylusions stamp set "Say It How It Is", which I also found at Zipp Outlet for $2. When I found the stamp set I wasn't sure what I would use the for but I wasn't going to leave them in the store for that price.

Here are the Post It Note holders I got done and my daughter has already claimed one of them. I will be making more of these since I really like them and I have more stamps in the set to use.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Used Those 3:1 Wires - Mini Album

I was brave over the weekend and tackled some mini albums using the 3:1 pitch wires I got at Zipp Outlet. I will say it was a bit of a challenge to get the holes all punched and if I didn't have a Crop-O-Dile Big Bite I'm not sure I would have been able to finish them.

I used some of the Graphic 45 Mother Goose line for the little albums and it was test of my patience on using the papers for a 4" album. I also had to watch the embellishment on the inside because the album couldn't be too thick. Since people don't generally comment on my craft projects anymore I will just post the pictures and y'all can just see how it came out.

Front of the album.

Close up of the front. I used LiquiTex on the flowers to help them keep their shape after I manipulated the petals like I wanted.

Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

Page 5 and 6

Page 7 and 8

Back of album

And that is all.

Friday, January 29, 2016

I Miss The Cricut Message Board

I am a sentimental person and sometimes it gets the better of me and makes me miss days gone by. Okay not like I'm 80 and missing running through fields of daisies with the sweet smell of fresh cut hay watfing through the air but more like huh, I miss it when I could do such and such. And I guess today is one of those days I just started thinking about something I miss. I know the idea of message boards is going to the way side with Facebook being all the rage but I miss the Cricut Message Board, at least the way it was when I first joined and how it was the first few years, later on it became frustrating and slow and full or Cricut Nazi's as some of us liked to call them. 

When I first joined the CMB back in December of 2007 I found it through some of the paperwork that came with my Cricut and I was so excited to have a place to go and read about how to use the machine and what all it could do, even back then the owner's manual was limited in information. Of course, as many know, I didn't bother with learning all the buttons and such on the machine since I went straight to Design Studio and started using my computer with the Cricut.

The Design Studio forum was my new home and I didn't venture from that forum for a few months because to be truthful some of the other forums were a bit scary since there were always people going after each other's throats *okie laughs now at the thought*. There were a few of us that spent hours and hours creating and sharing files, answering questions of other members, asking questions of other members, finding out little tricks to get things to work so we could make more images than just what was available on cartridges, and in those days there weren't many cartridges and what cartridges there were would easily cost you $60. We made all kinds of things out of basic shapes and I got rather savvy at manipulating those individual shapes and welding them together to make all sorts of images. Most of us shared what files we made freely and there were a few people who wanted to charge for the ones they made. I'll never forget the saga over the whole cupcake box file and how some lady got a bit snotty about her file so I just made one and posted it for anyone to download for free. I only had a baby Cricut my first few years so it was a challenge to make some things that would work on the 6x12 mat.

As time went on I ventured to some of the other forums and I am so glad I did because I was able to make some wonderful friends and it would be impossible for me to name them all but I'm sure most of you know BFF Carmen came from the CMB, and if ya didn't know then ya do now. There are so many of us that thought of our little CMB world as a little family, well not everyone was family because there a was some absolute cray-cray folks on that board and there was always some kinda drama going on somewhere. Most of the time the posts moved so fast that once you finished reading through one thread the thread that was at the top of the beginning page would already be on page 4. 

Now the reason I am even thinking about the CMB is because I was perusing around Facebook and some different groups on there and while there is a lot of information available it is almost impossible to go back and find what you wanted to remember. Nothing stays locked in place and even if it did you would have to remember which group you saw it in and then which post. What was great about the CMB was that you could mark something if it was your favorite or at least save the page or even do a search, and if all that failed you could simply ask in a post "hey does anyone remember where the post was about how to use such and such on such and such?" and several people would answer you. 

I know Facebook is a great way to get information, in the crafting world anyway, I would not depend on it for always having truthful news stories, but it just lacks that homey feeling of the CMB where we could connect with each other so much deeper. I guess I am lucky in that I have been able to keep in contact with many of my CMB friends in the Old Cricut Community group and there we still know each other's ups and downs, grieve the sorrows and celebrate the joys of the people we have become close to and think of as friends. I don't mean the typical Facebook friend but the actual true friend. When I think of the members of OCC I think of them as the Grand Dame's of the Cricut world. Some of those members in OCC were there at the birth of the CMB and are to be highly revered because of their knowledge and know how and never ever did any of these ladies have a holier than thou attitude that so many "experts" have today. They were always about helping each other and not cutting the throat of fellow crafter' whole opinion on that one needs it's own post.

Facebook can be awesome but I still miss the Cricut Message Board. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Holy Binding Wires!

So the new place in town, Zipp Outlet, that I told y'all about like last week has some really good bargains and while I didn't like the store at first I am getting over my OCD tendencies and getting to where I am able to just get in there and dig around. I have learned that it is easier if I don't take my purse in because they don't have carts but rather have Ikea bags, ya know the huge blue ones, that you use for your shopping experience and to me it's easier just to go back out and get my wallet if I find something I want to buy.

I was in there last week and I saw this huge ball of binding wires, notice I said ball. If ya know anything about binding wires you know they should be stored flat, separated, away from each other, with dividers...not in a ball! They ball had a white tag, which meant it would be half off, but there was only a corner of the tag on there. I took the ball up to the cashier and she said she could let me have it for $3, so it would be $1.50. I figured for that price I would take a chance on getting a few wires out of the ball.

I spent much of Friday night at my craft desk working on untangling the wires and through much patience and tenacity I was able to get all of the wires untangled except two. I did have to clip to others at the ends because they were so intertwined it was impossible to get them apart. With all the wires laid out I was almost giddy thinking of what a great deal I got. Even though the wires were only the 5/8" size I figured they could be used for some smaller projects.

After I got all the wires laid out I had to do the math and figure out how much I had saved and I was so proud of the total. I had $75 worth of binding wires for $1.50! The picture shows part of the wires, the rest were on another part of my craft table. 

On Saturday I found a way to keep the wires stored without them getting tangled again and due to my experience in the past with binding wires I know you can carefully put two together without them getting enmeshed with each other so I knew it would be better for storage to use this method. The wax paper sheets I also found at Zipp came in handy to wrap the wires to keep them separated from each other. I was able to wrap 4 wires in each sheet.

Wanting to try the wires out I started on, and still working to finish, some coaster mini albums. Once I got one of them completed I couldn't wait to punch the holes with my Cinch and check out the wires. Imagine my frustration when I quickly realized that the wonderful wires I got are actually 3:1 pitch and not the 2:1 pitch that my Cinch punches *okie gives herself a smack on the forehead*. Now what was I suppose to do...well I am finishing my little albums, the one I punched has the 2:1 pitch wires but the others I will try another method of punching so I can use the 3:1 pitch wires. When I find out if it works I will post pictures. Even if it doesn't work I will still post pictures of my failure...but I am not use to failing when it comes to crafting. I will make this work!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Have Probably Lost My Mind

No seriously, I have lost my mind. Wait until you read why!

A few years ago when I went to Florida I flew Allegiant Air back home because it was cheap, or at least it seemed that way until all the fees started adding up but even with the fees it was cheaper than any other airline I could find and it was a direct flight. For anyone who is not familiar with my whole fiasco concerning that flight can read about it in this post - Starting With The Bad - Allegiant Air and since I have a whole post concerning that event I won't go into details about that trip but instead I will just tell you why I just booked a round trip to Orlando and back with Allegiant. 

The reasons I chose to go with Allegiant again...
1. Karen said her friends fly it all the time and they never have any problems
2. It's a direct flight both ways
3. It's F'ing cheap!
4. I know what to expect this time.
5. I really want to go see my friend Karen!

I am not taking any checked bags so I don't have to pay that fee but I do have to pay a carry on bag fee (cheaper when you pay in advance). Karen and I have already discussed how I won't need anything but clothes and a few pair of flip flops. We are not going on a cruise this time but instead going to enjoy her new house and pool and also meet up with some friends while there, so I won't be needing a lot of things I usually take. I won't need shampoo, soap, hair dryer, or any of that nonsense. I will limit my jewelry to my standard watch, silver hoops and the heart necklace I usually wear. I won't have the money to go shopping this trip, and to be honest there isn't anything I really need to buy while there, so I won't need the extra space to bring anything home. So basically I will need to pack a few pairs of shorts, a couple of pairs of capri's, some tank tops and a few shirts and of course my bras and underwear and I think I can fit all that in a carry on just fine. 

My airfare total, with all the taxes and fees and other nonsense that doesn't seem to make sense was $221.50. Yes, that is correct TWO HUNDRED TWENTY ONE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS  for a DIRECT FLIGHT ROUND TRIP ticket to Florida. I will say the price would have been a bit cheaper but I did spend a total of $52 so I could choose my own seat and also the ability to make one change free of charge *okie isn't sure how it is free of charge if she had to pay for it* to my trip if needed. I am hoping for that price, and me already knowing what to expect, the flight will be tolerable. I already know to get something to eat and snack on because I sure don't want to pay $9 for the equivalent of a Lunchable again and I know their employees at least the ones I dealt with, for the most part are hateful bitches. I now know this is a basic no frills airline and definitely not the luxurious airline, Southwest, that I generally fly. In order to see my BFF Karen I am willing to make the sacrifice and board another Allegiant Air bucket of nuts and bolts. 

I will likely be needing prayers to make it in one piece so if you can remember to send up a good word on March 6th and March 13th I would really appreciate it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Stampin Up Sky Is the Limit Card

I love the time of year for Stampin Up's Sale-A-Bration because as long as you make a $50 order you get a free product and they are always nice products! In the order I made a few weeks ago I chose Sky Is the Limit stamp set. 

Don't forget I am having an online party and if you would like to make an order just go > HERE< to make your order and use Hostess Code  UBZCDCFA when you check out, you should see my name as the hostess once you enter the code. 

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Sky Is the Limit stamp set

Various cardstock
Stampin Up Inks
Memento Inks
Cricut Explore (sun and clouds)

I stamped the front part of the stamp a second time so I could cut out the propeller and pop dot it onto the plane. Since I didn't want to try and cut out the paper between the lines between the wings I just used my Promarkers to try and match the colors of the sky and sun ray as best I could so it wouldn't just be white. 

The heart jet trail is part of the stamp set, as is the sentiment. There is also a few other stamps that make this a very versatile set. One of the things I like about this set is that it can be masculine or feminine just depending on what colors you choose ad that is always good to have in your stamp stash. 

If you are not familiar with Stampin Up Sale-A-Bration here is the information how it works...

For Every $50.00 you spend you get a FREE exclusive Sale-A-Bration item! These free items are selected from the exclusive Sale-A-Bration catalog.
  • Choose ONE free Sale-A-Bration item when you spend $50 (before ship/tax)
  • Choose TWO free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $100 (before ship/tax)
  • Choose THREE free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $150 (AND qualify for the usual hostess rewards of $25)
  • Once your order reaches $250 (before ship/tax)  you get a BONUS $25.00 in hostess rewards
  • There is No Limit to the number of  Sale-A-Bration Rewards you can earn.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stampin Up Birthday Blooms Card

Another stamp set I ordered a few weeks ago was the Birthday Blooms out of the Occasions Catalog. I wanted to challenge myself with trying watercoloring a stamped image with my Stampin Up Inks and I thought this would be a good set to try the process. 

Don't forget I am having an online party and if you would like to make an order just go > HERE< to make your order and use Hostess Code  UBZCDCFA when you check out, you should see my name as the hostess once you enter the code. 

I wasn't sure how I liked this process when I started doing the watercoloring process and I wasn't sure how well my image was turning out and thought about trashing them. I did post it on Facebook and I got some good feedback so I decided to go ahead and finish the images and make some cards. 

I have to admit that I totally lifted the idea for the card from Stampin With Kristi although I had to change a few things since I didn't have the supplies she did. The image had to be "fussy cut" and I ended up cutting off some of the leaf bunches because I am lazy. 

Supplies used:

Stampin Up Birthday Blooms Stamp set
Stampin Up Inks
Watercolor Brush
Watercolor Paper
Stampin Up Label Collection Dies (retired)
Various Paper
Cuttlebug Distress Stripe embossing folder
Transparent paper
Linen Ribbon
Square Punch
Martha Stewart pearls

I tied the bow using the Double Bow method and the tutorial linked was the easiest and shortest I found. For the little banner I just used a square punch to make the end forked. 

It's hard to see but I did add a few little flowers with one of the stamps in the set and I guess I should have used a darker color since they are hard to see but it was too late after I got them stamped. 

This set came from the Occasions Catalog and you can order from the link at the beginning of this post and don't forget if you order $50 of product you get a free item from the Sale-A-Bration catalog.

If you are not familiar with Stampin Up Sale-A-Bration here is the information how it works...

For Every $50.00 you spend you get a FREE exclusive Sale-A-Bration item! These free items are selected from the exclusive Sale-A-Bration catalog.
  • Choose ONE free Sale-A-Bration item when you spend $50 (before ship/tax)
  • Choose TWO free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $100 (before ship/tax)
  • Choose THREE free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $150 (AND qualify for the usual hostess rewards of $25)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stampin Up Grateful Bunch Card

The Stampin Up Occasions Catalag came out recently as did the annual Sale-A-Bration catalog and I couldn't wait to order a few goodies! This card is made with the Grateful Bunch Bundle. I love bundles like this because I am a sucker for punches and when there are stamps that go with it then it's a win win situation! 

I am also having an online party and if you would like to make an order just go > HERE< to make your order and use Hostess Code  UBZCDCFA when you check out, you should see my name as the hostess once you enter the code. 

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Grateful Bunch stamp set
Stampin Up Blossom Bunch Punch
Various cardstock and papers
Sheer Ribbon
Queen & Co. Pearls
Memento Inks

The stamp for the 3 flowers line up on the punch so it makes it easy to punch them all out once. I used the Promarkers for all the coloring of the flowers and leaves. I can't tell you how much I am in love with the Die-namics stitched dies! I love the stitched look and there are 9 in the set so here are plenty of sizes from which you can choose. 

I generally like to decorate the inside of my cards with strips of paper that are left over from the front because it adds a little  more interest. The butterfly and sentiment are included in the stamp set as are all the stamped images on this card.

If you are not familiar with Stampin Up Sale-A-Bration here is the information how it works...

For Every $50.00 you spend you get a FREE exclusive Sale-A-Bration item! These free items are selected from the exclusive Sale-A-Bration catalog.
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  • Choose TWO free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $100 (before ship/tax)
  • Choose THREE free Sale-A-Bration items when you spend $150 (AND qualify for the usual hostess rewards of $25)
  • Once your order reaches $250 (before ship/tax)  you get a BONUS $25.00 in hostess rewards
  • There is No Limit to the number of  Sale-A-Bration Rewards you can earn.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Uncle Perk Got The Call

I had made a post yesterday about it being my Uncle Perk's birthday and how it would be his last and how he would likely die within the next few days. Little did I know at the time I made the post that I would be getting a call just about 3 hours later.

Just after 8pm last night my cousin Shelly called to let me know that Mike, her brother, had called her a few minutes before to let her know that their dad was gone, Uncle Perk got the call to go on home. Shelly and I talked briefly and she let me know she is at peace, as am I. 

It's our own selfishness that makes us cry because we want that person here with us. But, all of us in the family know that death is a part of life, our family has experienced many deaths and too many at a young age so when someone lives as long as Uncle Perk did then it is something to celebrate. In my mind I could see Uncle Perk walking up to the pearly gates and saying something like "Son of a bitch it's a lot brighter here than I thought it would be". I know he is there with family members who have been waiting for him, who wait for us all. 

Since I had posted about my uncle I thought I should make a post about him passing. I would like to thank everyone for their comments not only here but also on Facebook. Per his request there will be no funeral services, just a cremation and I think that is just fine and dandy as we all were able to spend time with him over the weekend and say our last "I love you" while he was still on this earth to hear it and ya can't ask for much more than that.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Uncle Perk

Today is my Uncle Perk's 86th birthday and it will be his last birthday. Right after Thanksgiving we found out that Uncle Perk has brain, liver and lung cancer and the doctor said he didn't have long. A lot of the family got together on Saturday to spend time with him and there were so many things I wanted to say to him but I just couldn't. I couldn't because I knew I would cry and if I started to cry I wouldn't be able to stop so instead I am writing the things I wanted to say to him in this post and if I cry no one will see me...I am an ugly crier, very ugly. Today my Aunt Betty informed us that Uncle Perk is not doing well at all today and that Hospice said he probably only has a few more days on this earth. 

Uncle Perk - Christmas 2010

I was probably 16 years old before I knew that Uncle Perk's name was not Perk. I was down at my Aunt Betty's, at that time they lived out on the farm with us in what we called "down the field", and picked up a letter that said "Charles Belcher". I asked Aunt Betty if someone sent them the wrong mail and that is when she told me his name was Charles. I still laugh at myself for thinking his name was actually Perk. To me he was never Charles and never will be, he will always be Uncle Perk. 

My own father died right before my 19th birthday and Uncle Perk filled that void in my life. Although he was not as affectionate as my father he was someone I could always look up too and always did. There are many things I have to thank my Uncle Perk for, too many things to even list here or ever have the time to explain. He has never been a man of many words but I always thought his words counted and I would hang on to every word he would ever say because in my world he is one of the 3 smartest men that ever walked this planet. The other two were my Uncle Johnny and my cousin Jonathan, who was the son of Uncle Perk and Aunt Betty. If I ever needed an answer to a crossword puzzle I knew Uncle Perk would know the answer. I can't remember a time I asked Uncle Perk a question and he didn't have an answer for me. At times they were smart ass answers and he would laugh after telling me the answer because he knew I always believed him. Along with being smart Uncle Perk has a great sense of ass as it may be. 

Uncle Perk was always there when I needed him and there were many times I needed him. By trade Uncle Perk has always been a mechanic and I swear that man could fix anything. When I was a teenager he was always working on one thing or another and I was always fascinated with how things worked. I would stand out there with him at times and bombard him with questions. If I ever got on his nerves with my questions he never let me know it. He would answer the questions one after another and always explain things in a way that I understood. Years later this would work out tremendously to my advantage because he and I would play phone mechanic. I would call my Aunt Betty and tell her what the problem was and she would holler "Perk, Shirley's on the phone and her car is acting up". She would explain to him what I said the car was doing and the noise it was making and every dang time he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with it, where to locate the problem, what part to get and how to change it out. One time I was having problems and he suggested I change my battery from a side post to a top post and this would require me using a hacksaw, which I had *okie doesn't even remember why she would have a hacksaw at the age of 22* and replacing cable ends and some other things. I had just finished up the job and was getting ready to close the hood and the my Uncle Perk pulled up. I looked at him, with probably some sort of dumbfounded expression and asked "what are you doing here?" and he replied "I was afraid you might not be able to get it done so I came down to do it", coming down meant a 45 minute drive from the farm to Ada where I live. He looked under the hood and said "HUH! Looks like you got it done right". We sat around and visited for a few minutes before he left. He and Aunt Betty moved back to Ohio not long after that and he couldn't just drive down and check on my handy work but I think he had faith in my meager mechanic skills after that point.

I never held back in saying that Uncle Perk is my favorite Uncle and I always never held back in letting him know I am his favorite niece, whether he wanted to admit it or not. I am going to miss that ornery ol man more than he will ever know. I learned so many things from him from gardening to mechanics to even finding out that men could cook and look after themselves, which was something my dad sure couldn't do. He has always been able to debate current events, which was always a lot of least for me, or talk about what was going on locally. Any subject I would bring up it always seemed Uncle Perk knew something about the subject. It's just not possible for me to write all the things this magnificent man has done for me over the years, nor is it possible for me to ever thank him enough.  So all I can do is write up one last message to him....

Uncle Perk, 
You have always been there for me, you have helped see me through the death of both of my parents. Anytime I talked with Aunt Betty about things that were bothering me you were always there to listen as well, maybe not speaking much but it seems what few words you did say were ones that always helped. Thank you for helping me become an independent person and make me feel like I can and have accomplished things, no matter if it was changing a headlight to finishing college. The world is gonna be a little more dumb after you leave us because we won't have your wisdom and knowledge to take advantage of anymore.  
Thank you for the grunts after I would tell you "I love you". I know for some people it isn't easy to say those 3 little words but I knew by your grunt you were saying "I love you too". I know the last words I said to you on Saturday were "Love you" and you softly grunted your reply and I smiled to myself thinking "yep, he loves me". 
Thank you Uncle Perk for being my favorite Uncle and allowing me to be your favorite niece *sarcastic grin here*. While I will miss you for the rest of my life I think it is more important to let you know I have loved you all of my life that I have known you. 
Love always,
Your Favorite Niece

Pegboard Reorganization

When I went to Houston last month one of the things I wanted to do was go to Ikea, for several reasons but the main one was to get some of the little Bygel Baskets. I had one that I tried on my pegboard and I loved how it held my stuff very well since it was pretty roomy and very sturdy. I was able to pick up 8 of them while I was there and then last week I found something else that I thought might work on my pegboard and finally got around to working on my pegboard reorganization this weekend.

While during one of my digs at the Zipp Outlet here in town I came across a box of 24 brochure holders and while looking at them I could see it hanging on my pegboard with some embellishments in it. I knew I would have to figure out how to hang it but being a gal who is never without a cordless drill I thought I might just try drill a hole in the top and if that didn't work then I would try something else, with there being 24 I didn't figure it would hurt if I messed up a few of them. 

Luckily I was able to drill a hole pretty easily in the top so I didn't have to try several different methods. They don't hold a lot but I think they work out nicely for a few things in my embellishment stash. 

Here you can see them hanging on the pegboard along with the Bygel Baskets. I actually have a few empty ones so that might come in handy if I decide to buy more embellishments *okie wonders who in the hell is she kiddin because if she sees a good sale she will certainly buy more embellishments*. Some things I would have liked to put in there were too wide, such as my smaller blingy rhinestone packages and pearl packages but I actually ended up putting those in a drawer below my craft tables so I can access them easier. I will be making a post of my new craft table set up pretty soon.

It's impossible to get a full length picture of my pegboard since it is in my closet and somehow I ended up leaving out a row between the two pictures. There are a total of 8 clear holders and 11 Bygel Baskets on the pegboard. 

I try to keep certain embellies in their own basket, such as Basic Grey, K & Co., Tim Holtz and Webster Pages, so when I am using that company product line I don't have o dig through all the embellishments but instead can just dig through that one basket. 

Now that I have this all done I am thinking the pegboard is a waste of space and that Bygel bars on that wall might work better but since I don't have an Ikea close and it will be a long time before I get to go to Ikea again this will work for me. It does look a lot nicer and cleaner and by getting things off of pegs I no longer have to pull everything off a peg to get to something in the back I want to use.