Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Daughter's Shadow Box - Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells

When you are using the same papers and embellishments it is hard to make things look differently but I was able to find a few things to help my daughter's shadow box look different than the one I did for myself.

Here is the full view of my daughter's shadowbox and when I finished and sent her the picture she said she loved it! Which she sure dang better as much time and effort as I put in the dang thang! BBWWAAHHHAHHAAA

This was what my daughter said was her favorite part of the shadowbox and I really think I love this lady as well. I used some Perfect Pearls on her feathers. I cut out one of the little flowers and layered it up to add on the hat and it covers a rose that was in that area. I didn't want to cut up a full sheet of paper so I could make the rose dimensional. The crow was on the handlebar and since I couldn't make the bird fit and it looked silly for him to be cut in half I layered him up and then made him go on the edge of the shadow box. 

She did actually look a little plain until the gears, moth, cat banner and little gold embellishment at her waist was added. Oh yes and Glossy Accents on her glasses of course!

The clock square was easy enough to do but there is a lot of fussy cutting on those images. As you can see I also used a lot of pop dots in the project. 

I think Dr. Dreadful shows up better in this picture than he did in the one I posted yesterday and Carmen said he was her favorite and she thought it was because of his glasses. 

This little Miss Ima Fraid is the lady that was in the memory slide on my shadow box but for my daughter's box I decided to layer her up and make her pop. Once again some Perfect Pearls on the feathers add some glitz and I even did her hair with them. 

See the little bats in the hot air balloon rectangle? Some of them are printed on the paper and others are fussy cut. Yes I said they were fussy cut and YES I needed my reading glasses and was trying to figure out how to tape a magnifying glass to them so it would be easier to see the little things. The banners were "waved" so they would fit in the rectangle, just like I did a sign on my shadow box. 

I loved this image and I knew I had to make a sign out of it somehow but I did have to take up two rectangles to make it work. The little bottles at the bottom have lime green flock and black diamond embossing powder in them to make them potion bottles. I filled in with "charms", okay actually buttons but we will call them charms so they tie in with the sign since it says potions and charms. The little banner is from some cardstock embellies that go with the collection. I used some chain to make the sign look like it was hanging and it would have not been possible without the use of some Sobo glue. I tell ya'll that stuff is like a miracle!

I did the skeleton on this one like I did for mine but I did do a different one with using the "Love Potion" image. My daughter said she loved this rectangle because of the little bottle with the "potion" in it. I just poured a little glimmer mist in the bottle. I added some Sobo glue to the cork and then pushed it in the bottle so I could make sure the cork wouldn't come out and the potion spill out on everything. 

There isn't really much to say about the last two squares since they are like the others but just different images. That and I'm tired of typing now and can't think of anything else to say!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shadow Box - Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells

One of the Graphic45 collections that Carmen was able to pick up was Steampunk Spells. When she got it I'm not sure either one of us realized it was Halloween which was silliness on both our parts since it did say "Spells". And the crazy part is that neither of us do a lot of Halloween!

Carmen had given me two shadow boxes when I was last in Houston and my daughter had been asking about making something for Halloween so I told her we could do the shadow boxes and while she seemed excited about the whole prospect she didn't show up on the day we were suppose to make them because she had one too many shots the night before. The girl just can't handle her liquor! *okie crack up laughing*.

Since I had already planned on making mine I moved ahead without her and started mine. It took me almost a full week to finish the dang thing! I think because of all the fussy cutting and trying to figure out what would work in the little rectangles. 

Here is the picture of the whole shadow box and you might need to click on the picture and make it bigger to see it better.

I think you can tell a little better in this picture how much fussy cutting was really involved. I used Glossy Accents on Dr. Dreadful's glasses to make them look like glass. I loved the Potions and Charms image and to get it to fit correctly I had to "wave" it a little. The little fence behind the crow was some border that my friend Amy sent me years ago.

See that tiny little flower on Madam Macabre's hat? Well it's about the size of my pinky nail. I thought I was going to go blind cutting that little thing out! I went through my "antique" button jar for embellishments on the project and added those here and there. The spider web in the cat rectangle was another border that my friend Amy sent me and I have been hanging on to for just the right project...and it only took like 5 years to find the right project!

It's hard to see the little beads in the memory frame but I wanted them to resemble something like pills since I couldn't figure out how to add little bone looking embellies in such a small space. The key and owl were some charms I had in stash. I picked up the little bottles the LSS and I added embossing powders in them. 

I think a lot of people stopped using Ranger Inkssentials Memory Frames a few years ago since I don't see them around much anymore but I still love using them on projects and that is what image of the lady is in. All the flowers around her were fussy cut and layered. The little butterfly in the square to the left is layered as well. 

I'm not sure what airballoons have to do with Halloween other than they are orange but I really liked them and wanted to incorporate them into the shadow box and since there is a full sheet of them in the collection I knew they had to match. The clock on the skeleton's hat was cut out again and then pop dotted and Glossy Accents added and all that work was worth the end result.

The banner was from a package of banner's that goes with the collection and these worked out great for the space. The metal gears are some embellies I bought off a Facebook group probably last year and I did have Graphic45 paper in mind when I purchased them and they were perfect as embellishment on the shadow box.

I did end up making the shadow box for my daughter as well and I will post it tomorrow. I did try to make it look different but they do look quite a bit a like. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

ECU Homecoming T-Shirts

A few years ago when my son-in-law played football I made a lot of shirts for my family and his so we could show our support during the games and since then I haven't worked with HTV much but when my friend Andrea and her girls, which are my Goddaughter's, all decided to make it for homecoming this year I thought we needed to wear some matching shirts.

My oldest and youngest Goddaughters, Ashley and Amber, are both Alumni from ECU, as am I and my daughter is a student at the University so I got busy designing some shirts that we could show off at the parade and game. I was able to add our alumni years on the sleeves and my daughter has "Class of" on one of her sleeves. The shirt you see here is my shirt. I of course decided we needed a little bling on the shirts as well.

Andrea brought me a white shirt to do the design on and she just wanted East Central Univeristy on hers. I at first had designed "Proud Mom of ECU Alumni" but I did as she requested and I think it turned out great! This is Andrea and I at the parade.

Before we headed out to the game I had someone snap a picture of all of us in our shirts. I actually think this is the first picture I have of all of us together which is a bit sad since Andrea and I have been friends for 30 years and the girls have all known each other since birth! 

From left to right: Ashley, Eboni (she went to OSU instead of ECU), Amber, Andrea, me and my daughter Porsche or Shiane if that is what you would prefer to call her. 

Now that Ashley is a mommy and her son was coming as well I had to make him a little shirt as well. I don't think I have written anything about this little guy but let me tell you something...he has stolen my heart! Since he is my Godgrandson I might be biased about how cute and smart he is but I really just don't think I am. And the best part is that he seems to adore his Nana, which by the way is me!

While our team did lose the game at last we were lookin fly sportin our glitzy t-shirts and the best part was all of us spending the day together!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Santa Bag, Santa Sack, Whatever You Want To Call It

A lot of you know the whole rage about the personalized Santa Bags or Santa Sack, which ever you wish to call them and I have been wanting to make some but didn't really have a purpose for them until recently. When I was in Houston back in August my friend Carmen gave me two that she had purchased that only needed names and I did one for my Godgrandson Carter and my great nephew Lane.

I had ordered 6 bags off of Amazon months ago because I want to do a few for some children I know and since I had the heat press out for the T-Shirts I decided to try the bags then. 

After checking out several images on Google I came up with my own design that I really liked. What I did notice is that I have to turn up the temperature a little more and press a few seconds longer than on a t-shirt and I think it is because of the canvas texture. 

While I would love to share this file I won't because I know people will be using it to make the bags and sell their own so I figure they can make their own file instead of profiting off of mine. I know that is not my normal feelings about sharing my files but sometimes I gotta just keep some things to myself. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dust Cover Patterns - Cricut Explore, Cuttlebug, Cameo

I had a few people ask about the patterns for the dust covers I made and I do have the Cameo, Cricut Explore and Cuttlebug dust cover patterns available in Make the Cut and SVG formats.

*in her best used car salesman's voice okie puts on a cheesy grin and does a sing song cadence* For a low low price you can purchase dust cover patterns for the Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explore and the Cuttlebug (original version only).

Before you decide to buy you need to understand that I am not a professional pattern maker, nor do I know how to write directions and the directions you see below will be the only directions you will receive so you will need to understand the basics of putting pieces together and sewing, such as clipping at curves or clipping points so material lays flat.

To purchase please go to DUST COVER PATTERNS FOR SALE at the top of the page or click HERE

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

And My Dust Covers

My house is dusty. Not just a little dusty but it's one of those deals where I can dust of a morning and by night time I could dust again and it irritates me that things in my craftroom get dusty. 

The fabric for the covers I made for myself had a different purpose when I purchased it. I was actually going to make curtains for my French Doors in the dining room but since I went the whole "Stainglass" French Doors route I was left with the fabric. The fabric matched well in the craftroom and I opted to use it to make my dust covers. 

I had originally thought I would make a cover for my Explore and my Cuttlebug but then I thought about my laser printer and my Canon Pixma Pro-100 printers and figured they needed covers too. And while I was at it why not make one for my laminator as well. 

Somehow the whole sewing project just blew up and I ended up with covers for my Cinch and my Janome Sew Mini. I also made covers for my Xyron 5" creative station, Xyron 2.5" and even my little Xyron X. When my daughter saw the cover on the Xyron X she just looked at me and said "Really Mom? REALLYYYY?" and I told her "I had some scraps I needed to use".

The hardest part about it all was making all the patterns for the different shapes but once I started I knew I had to finish. Maybe I did got overboard but I have to say that I really love all my dust covers!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Cameo and Cuttlebug Dustcovers for Karen

When I get busy with projects I swear time just gets away from me and I am quickly moving on to the next project and I don't want to take the time to post the project I just finished and that is what has happened the last few weeks.

If you remember I made my friend Carmen some covers for her Cameo and her Explore and since I made her covers I thought I should make my friend Karen some covers for her Cameo and Cuttlebug. I was able to find some fabric that I thought might work for her craftroom.

After I bought the material I sent Karen a picture and she asked if there was enough to make a valance for her window in the craftroom and I told her I thought there should be so I got the measurements from her and came up with what you see in the picture. I added the beige pieces to match the flaps on her covers. 

Karen didn't have a preference of what kind of decoration I did for her flaps so I went with a doily looking design with her intitials in the middle using HTV. I also added a rhinestone ring between the two. I went through my button stash and found two large buttons to add at the bottom. If I would have had one more I would have added them to the valance as well but I only had 4!

For the Cuttlebug Cover I made the pattern to where the flap covers the opening at the top but the flap can be flipped back and the handle of the Cuttlebug can be grabbed easy for moving around.

One of the sides has a slit so the handle can be slipped through and not covered. The only reason I did this was because I thought it looked a little more neat and clean when covered and didn't have a big bulge under the cover. 

Karen was thrilled with the covers and valance and she said they colors matched perfectly! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I'm not having a vinyl sale because I like my vinyl, although I did share some of it with my cousin recently, but I wanted to share the sale that SIGNWarehouse is having right now.

I got an email about their 'Talk Like A Pirate' Sale they are having on their EnduraGLOSS vinyl. If you have never used this vinyl it is comparable to the Oracal 651 that most people love and right now at this price it is $5.98 cheaper per roll than the Oracal 651. The sale runs through  to Monday September 26th and is limited to what they have on hand so if you need some vinyl ya better hurry and order!

I do personally buy from this company and they have super fast shipping and the most awesome customer service!

***DISCLAIMER*** I was not paid or compensated in any form or fashion for making this post. This post was made to solely share information about a fantastic product at a fantastic price. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Explore and Cameo Dust Covers

A few weeks ago I decided I was going to finally make dust covers for my machines, printers, etc and use the fabric I had originally bought to make curtains for my french doors. Since I did the  faux STAIN GLASS on the doors I needed to use the fabric for something and it did match my craftroom well so problem solved.

I had a new problem, no pattern for the Explore! I actually tried several before I got it how I wanted it, and then I still had to do several adjustments in the process. My mom was great at making patterns and I'm sure she would have gotten it right the first time but I'm not quite as proficient at the skill. 

During this whole process *okie wonders if they understand it was a very long process* my daughter and I went to Wall's Bargain Center and I was looking at fabric and found some I thought Carmen would really like since her favorite color is blue. I sent her a picture and she loved it so I decided to make her covers for her Explore and Cameo. Mind you, I still hadn't made the cover for my Explore or other items. 

Next issue? Well I don't own a Cameo nor do I have access to one close by so I had to have Carmen give me measurements and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out if it was going to work or not. I don't know how many pictures and texts were sent back and forth during this whole operation but let's just say I'm glad we don't have to pay per message anymore, especially with pictures! I finally got some cardboard *okie wonders if anyone else saves their cardboard boxes they get mail in* I had been saving and fashioned a cardboard Cameo so I could check to see if the cover would work. Evidently I do not need to talk and measure and talk and sew at the same time because I got the cardboard Cameo 2 inches too long and the cover about 1.5 inches too short, that was even after cutting down the size of the cardboard Cameo!

To resolve the issue about the cover being too short I added a strip of denim and decided to call it a decorative stripe so my OCD wouldn't have me tearing the whole thing apart and starting over. Finally the cover fit on the cardboard Cameo! Let me tell ya is not easy sewing blind! Okay for some folks it is probably easy, but for me it is not!

To make of for the shortness of the Explore cover I added a strip of denim at the bottom of the cover and made sure there was enough room to run some 1/4 inch elastic through the bottom. The denim at the bottom didn't bother me nearly as much as the decorative stripe on the Cameo cover!

I asked Carmen how she wanted her flaps decorated and she said she wanted her initials on them. I couldn't do just initials so I made a flourishy *okie doesn't think that is a real word since it just underlined in red but is going to keep it because she likes it and dammit it is her blog and if she wants to make up words she can* design for the initials to be placed in the center. I used HTV to do the design and intials. I also went through my jar of "very special occasion" buttons and had Carmen pick out buttons for the flaps. 

Carmen was thrilled with the pictures and I am sure she will be thrilled with the covers *okie knows Carmen is so easy to please most of the time* once she gets them. Yeahhhhhh...I haven't mailed them off yet. I actually told her this was a "pick up only" order but I know that can't happen right now so I guess I will need to get them in the mail!

After I get my patterns all tweaked I will probably post them on here so keep a look out in the future if you would like to make dust covers!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Cinderella

And the last princess, and Carmen's favorite, is of course Cinderella! I always think of her as being the most classic of the Disney princesses and I'm not sure why. She was Carmen's favorite because of the blue dress, Carmen's favorite color is blue.

Now remember how I said I was worried I was going to run out of yellow button's because of doing Belle and then Snow White's skirt? Well guess what color I ran out of...yep blue! I had a lot of the darker blue and teal blue but the color blue for the dress I just didn't have enough of and Carmen sent me her stash of blue buttons so I could finish out the dress. As you can see in the picture some of these buttons were just too dark to use.

Cinderella's slip was the most difficult to do because it was so thin in spots. I was able to find enough of the lighter color blue to do her straps and hip area of her dress. I wasn't quite sure how to do the shoe because I knew it didn't need to be buttons and how in the heck do you make a "glass" slipper out of paper? Well my solution was to add Stardust Stickles on the shoe to make it sparkle. You might have to click on the picture and make it bigger in order to tell that the shoe does sparkle. 

The picture of Cinderella in the frame is the more accurate color of Cinderella's dress and there is no way I could have pulled it off without using Carmen's buttons as well because I didn't have enough of the right color. 

Oh I guess I should tell you that the silhouettes were obviously cut out of black cardstock and I did cut all the clothing pieces in their accurate color or as accurate as I could get because I didn't want to leave it just black in case there were small areas where a button didn't fit or it wasn't covered and black wouldn't be shining through and it also helped tremendously as a guide for placing the buttons. 

You might be wondering what I used to attach the buttons. I wanted to make sure they were going to stay down and even though they finished projects won't be handled I did want to make sure none of the buttons would come lose and mess up the project so I opted to use the SOBO glue that I have talked about before. As far as I know not one button came of in the shipping process. I'm tellin ya, this glue is like magic for keeping stuff together!

Carmen and Lori met for lunch a day or two after Lori's birthday and Carmen sent me a video of Lori opening the button princesses and I was so happy to see a big cheesy grin on Lori's face as she pulled each one out and looked at it!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Snow White

For the love of all that is holy I have no idea why we chose to do Snow White and her 1,200 colors in her dress! Okay maybe I exaggerate a little on how many colors but she definitely had more colors than the others. 

After doing Belle and all the yellow I was certainly hoping I had enough yellow to complete the skirt in Snow White's dress and I am glad to say that yes I had enough and still have some left. I don't think I ever noticed the differences in the color of my buttons until I did the princess project. 

The hardest part of Snow White was her sleeve. The red area was way too small for me to even cut buttons up so I decided to just leave that area paper and then try and do the light blue around it. It took a LOT of snipping of buttons to get those sleeves done to where they looked right. 

As you can see I did finish out her skirt and collar with white buttons. After I got her done I actually thought she might be my favorite out of the button princesses and I think it might even be due to the number of colors in her dress. My daughter said Snow White was her favorite out of them and it was because of the dress and colors. 

Tomorrow I will post the last of the button princesses!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Belle

Carmen and I discussed how many princess we should do and which ones and the next one we agreed on was Belle from Beauty and the Beast *okie really wonders if she even needed to add the last part of that sentence*.

I was glad I had already learned the cuttin of the buttons trick when I got to Bell because dress was more two tone than what Aurora's was and I wanted the swag in the skirt to show up although I'm not sure it really does in this picture but it does in person. I didn't do the gloves on any of the princesses because I thought that might be over kill and it their hand would have gotten lost in the bulkiness of the buttons.  

I think you can see the two tone of the buttons a little better with Belle in the frame and maybe the lighting on this picture. 

When I sent the pieces to Carmen I didn't have the princesses attached to the background sheets because I thought it would be better if she would attach them after the she got the background paper in so the placement would be correct and I think she did a fantastic job!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Sleeping Beauty

My friend Lori's 50th birthday was about a week ago but due to the Labor Day holiday she had her party a little early. Carmen and I had made great plans to get a project done for Lori's birthday party and I was going to surprise her and show up at the party but due to my niece having her baby that weekend I choose to cancel the trip to Houston and I spent that weekend making the baby projects I posted a few weeks ago.

The project Carmen and I decided to do was something that came from Pintrest where someone had made silhouettes of the Disney Princesses and then used buttons for the dresses. I had posted it on Facebook and told Carmen I thought we could make those and Lori and commented that she knew someone who would love those and said "ME!" And that is how the idea was born.

Anyway I had to ship the finished pictures to Carmen so she could put them in the frames and get them to Lori. They were a few days late getting to Lori, partly because my Goddaughter decided to bring the box back in the house that I had set out for the mailman to pick up.  

While I was working on the button ladies I would send Carmen pictures of the progress I was making. Aurora was the first one I did and when I sent Carmen this picture I asked about the white of the slip of the dress and of course Carmen said it needed to be in buttons too *okie makes a note not to ask Carmen questions anymore because she causes okie to have to do more work*

The problem became that I didn't have enough small buttons to fill in and I had to think of what I could do to get the area all covered without having too many buttons on there so I came up with the solution of cutting the buttons! As luck would have it I keep a small pair of needle nose pliers in my craftroom and they worked out great for getting the buttons cut down to the sizes and shapes I needed. 

When Carmen went to find frames she sent me pictures of several ones and we decided on white frames. For the background I used some pearl paper and then cut out designs on vellum to put on top of the pearl paper so there would be a nice background but not distract from the artwork.Yes I said artwork because after all the time and effort I really feel they are more artwork than a craft project. I was a little blown away when I saw the finished projects because the frames just set them off beyond what I would have imagined!

Now this Sleeping Beauty wasn't the only one I did...there are 3 more and they will be posted the next 3 days. I could have posted them all together but I feel they deserve their own post. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Proud Son In Law - File Available

I haven't forgotten about this thing or been on a hiatus. Instead I have been going from one project to another and haven't had time to sit down and upload and edit pictures and write out posts but I'm going to try and catch up with posting my projects, some of which were quite time consuming!

As I scroll through Facebook there are always advertisements about t-shirts and say "order now" or "hurry" "while supplies last" and some of them are hilarious and of course I don't ever think about ordering since I have HTV and a heat press so when one particular t-shirt showed up I knew I was going to have to make it but tweak it just a tad bit.

Since I don't have a son but do have a son-in-law who may or may not think I am freaking awesome I still wanted to make him this t-shirt. I even told him I was going to make it and I didn't care if he wore it to work, as long as he wore it at least once. By the way, he does outdoor maintenance work so I knew the t-shirt would get ruined if he did wear it to work. 

I changed the son to son-in-law, mom to mom-in-law, and the bought to made to customize for my use. 

I did like how some of the words were box negatives and kept that idea and while weeding I forgot a few times that is what I was doing and I took out the little triangle of an A but luckily I was able to put it back in there. I finally decided to just work one area at a time instead of skipping around and that helped me focus on what I was suppose to weed where. 

Here is a picture of my son-in-law wearing his shirt. I had to him put it on for a picture and figured that would be the end of that shirt but my daughter told me he did wear it when they went to a friends house for a get together *okie feels a tinge of pride* and I think has worn it another time as well. Years ago when Chuck first came to be in our lives I made a lot of things for him due to him playing football and he usually was the one to tell me what he wanted and where he wanted it. I guess you could say he is actually the reason I got into the whole HTV and heat press thing in the first place. 

 As always I am sharing the file for free *okie thinks most people slide by the donation button really quickly and act like they don't see it*.

Download File Below: